2015: the revival year for email marketing?

Email marketing has had a turbulent couple of years. It has always been a backbone in any email strategy, but for some reason, it also is a frequently challenged channel.

Can email keep up the expectations in this rapidly evolving online world? Rest assured: email is a cornerstone which works best when integrated with all other online channels. So it's not about choosing channel ‘X' OR channel ‘Y', but the secret of success lies in how you combine both channels. And let's take it even a step further in bold statements: 2015 will be the year of email revival. Why? Find out here.

If you have an open eye towards the market, you can rapidly spot the changes that matter. And lately, we are seeing a lot of signals that email is plotting a revival. Here are 7 findings you can't deny:

1. Marketers understand that email has changed. It is no longer a batch and blast strategy, but it's a matter of perfectly balancing things: content, timing and format to your customers. Whether you are an expert in content marketing, big data marketing or a CRM guru, email is always integrated.
2. Consultants are expanding their offer: we see niche consultants working their way back to email. Brands are looking for experts who master a channel AND understand how to integrate it with others.
3. Agencies are promoting email as a key service: we see all types of agencies who are now expanding their service offer with email.

4. Clients ask for integrated solutions: client requests are becoming more sophisticated. When you have a killer content plan installed and a great CRM, you are only a step away from email marketing lifecycle messaging and hyper personalized content.

5. Email keeps on growing: whether you are talking about email volume, email addresses or turnover, email marketing keeps on growing year on year.

6. Email has reached a strategic layer: we see that email is no longer a channel on its own, but it integrates with all other channels.

7. Email is an online backbone: Try registering, buying or any other action online without an email address, it's nearly impossible.



Our prediction is that in the next year email will drastically change and grow. Maybe email volumes will drop, but email campaigns will get smarter. And it's this cleverness that will drive the email marketing evolution forward.

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Jul 10, 2014