3 tips to help you write the perfect subject line

In last week's tipmail we've been telling you about the importance of the pre-header text. Today, let's focus on that line of text that makes your email stand out in people's inboxes: the subject line.

Writing good subject lines isn't easy. Maybe that's why we postpone writing them until the last minute. And that's a pity. Because if you don't bother writing subject lines that make people open your email, what's the use of investing time and effort into writing, designing and sending the email? If you catch our drift…

Are you having a tough time writing subject lines that work? Just dig into these 3 tips:

1) Pay attention to the news
One of the best tactics for learning to write great subject lines is to pay attention to magazines, newspapers and tabloid headlines. They are the kings and queens of incredible, catchy, short titles. Every word they use is intended to convince the reader to read the full article. And isn't that exactly what you want?

2) Use a simple formula
It looks like this: number + adjective + noun + (thing you are writing about.) That could make: 5 Shocking Titles in Email Headline Writing. You can change that ‘formula', but be sure to provide an interesting, insightful reason for your recipient to open and start reading your email message. 

3) Add timely topics and urgency
Make use of subjects that are top of mind for your subscribers: popular topics, hot news items, weather conditions, … Or use a sense of urgency. But be aware: that only works for real deadlines, so don't be tempted to use fake “last chance - only 24 hours left” messages. One of the keys to great marketing copywriting is not to over-deliver or over-sell, so be sure to keep that balance right.

Discover more on writing the perfect opening line in the infograph supplied by Litmus, our partner specialized in email rendering and testing:




Invest some time in writing great subject lines that make recipients open your emails. Keep your eyes peeled to the news, papers and magazines for inspiration.

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Oct 24, 2013