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4 must-knows to create an automated email flow

Email marketing has become so much more than just sending an email to your database once in a while. Today, email marketers want to deliver subscribers exactly what they want, when they need it. Luckily, there’s technology to help them achieve this. Email automation allows marketers to create captivating email flows that engage subscribers.

An automated email flow is a series of emails that a subscriber will receive on a scheduled basis. This fully automated flow operates independently from your other email marketing efforts. They are ideal to target to certain groups or segments instead of your whole database. However, when creating your first email flow, there are some things you’d better keep in mind…

1. Write attractive and triggering subject lines
The whole point of setting up an automated email flow is for your audience to learn something. So it’s crucial that your contacts actually open your email. Start by looking at campaigns that performed well in the past, how their subject lines were formulated and which keywords you used. Always keep those best practices in mind when writing the subject lines for your automated email series.

2. See the whole package
Creating your first automated email flow will be easier when you already have content available. But in order for your series to be a success, it helps to think broader. Which means you also have to think about creating the right kind of landing pages, consider a social media campaign to accompany and support your automated email flow, etc. When you build these extra assets into the flow during the set-up stage, you’ll benefit from them later on.

3. Don’t overwhelm your audience
A common mistake when sending out an automated email flow, is to flooding your subscribers’ mailboxes with too much information. Always stay aware that your contacts signed up for your email series to gain relevant information. Keep your emails to the point and be clear about the kind of emails they will receive during the process.

4. Lead your contacts to the next step
There’s a reason to create an automated email flow, and that’s to sharpen your contacts’ knowledge about your company, product or service. Want your series to lead to actual conversions? Then be sure to guide your subscribers in the right direction by providing a logical next step. You can do that by motivating them to contact your sales team, to sign up for another series, to invite friends or colleagues to sign up, etc.

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An automated email flow can educate your subscribers, so that they can make an informed decision. Make sure you are well-prepared and clearly define every step before creating the flow. You’ll benefit from it afterwards.

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Jul 19, 2017