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4 simple opt-in strategies to grow your email marketing database

With GDPR just around the corner, it’s important that you gather opt-ins for your email communication in a correct and efficient way. These 4 simple yet highly effective opt-in strategies will do the trick.

1.Prioritize your opt-in form
A link to your opt-in form should be an eyecatcher on your website. Make sure your visitors can’t miss it. Even if they just have to search for it for a few seconds, it’s high time to rethink the design and/or placement of the link.
Here’s how you can optimize the form:

Keep it short and sweet
If the form looks like it’ll take more than a minute to complete, it probably will. Ask only the crucial info you need to get started with your subscribers. Of course, the basic info like an email address, first name, language is necessary to start communicating with your audience with basic personalisation.

Give them a reason
Provide your potential subscriber with a solid reason to opt-in. Why should they subscribe for your newsletter? What makes your newsletter stand out from all the other weekly emails they are receiving? Clearly and concisely detail the benefits of subscribing. Use bullet points, bold text and other techniques to tell them why they’ll be better off getting your emails. This not only helps to turn visitors into subscribers, it also helps you build expectations which you can then meet to build trust and relationships.

Here’s how BuzzFeed is using this tactic to their advantage:
The BuzzFeed Animals Newsletter
2. Website registration
One of the easiest ways to collect opt-ins for your email communication is when people are singing up for an account on your website. This sign-in can be for various reasons: an account to buy stuff in a webshop or an account to use an online tool for example. When you’re asking for subscriber’s opt-in when they are creating an account on your website, make sure they know why they need to check that extra box. Let them know what they are singing up for, and they will be more likely to agree.

Here’s how H&M is using this tactic to their advantage:
H&M Newsletter
3. Don’t forget social media
Your social media pages are a great tool to reach and attract new customers and to build your database. Put sign-up buttons on your social media page, which lead your potential subscriber to your opt-in page. This is also a great way to move your audience from the place where you attracted them, to the place where they can click and convert.
A second way to gather opt-ins on social is via contests. Offer visitors a prize and ask them to register with their email address in order to qualify to win.

Here’s how Salesforce is using this tactic effectively:
Sales Force
4. Give something valuable
Incentives are a great way to improve your opt-in rates and increase the number of subscribers. Most of the time, these incentives are provided via your website or an email. Potential subscribers have to opt-in in order to receive the incentive.
Some examples of valuable stuff you can offer in exchange for opt-ins:
  • Meaningful and quality content
  • A valuable gift
  • Coupons or discount codes
  • Free access to an event
  • Etc.
Make sure the value of your incentive is clear, so users know exactly what they can expect to get when they opt-in. This way you’re likely to get more qualitative subscribers and not only people that react instinctively when they read the term “free”.
Here’s how Sephora uses this tactic to gather email addresses:


The perfect recipe for growing your email marketing database is a combination of strategically placed opt-in choices and incentivised messages. As shown in these examples, you need to funnel potential subscribers towards your email list from many different angles. The main learnings are that the visitor’s options to opt-in should be highly visible, relevant and accompanied by an incentive, if it’s relevant. 

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Apr 18, 2018