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4 tips for fresh email marketing content

In these challenging times, we see that marketers are looking for the right message to send via the right channel. And in a lot of cases, that channel will be email marketing. But regardless your email marketing expertise, everyone can use some extra email marketing inspiration.

We have handpicked some great resources that will help you gain fresh insights. A good read for marketers who want to start with email marketing, but need some inspiration. Or for more experienced marketers, who are looking for new insights on how to improve their email marketing program in the future. Dig into them and get inspired!


MailCharts is nothing less than a treasure chest of e-marketing creativity: from creative content ideas to clever data-driven insights. MailCharts saves you the trouble of secretly subscribing to your competitors’ emails and spending hours trying to find something actionable. The platform screens emails from a specific brand/company or even an entire sector. In just a few clicks, you’ll get a clear insight in how the competition uses email as a marketing channel. Learn from the best and see how you can avoid the pitfalls that block the path to success.

Although many of the emails are international examples, you can distill lots of useful information from them. Just browse through the hundreds of campaign examples, neatly catalogued in categories: birthday campaigns, abandoned cart emails, Black Friday promo mails, etc … You’ll probably spot a few Belgian A-brands in there too. A free account will let you in on some interesting goodies, like the preferred send-out moments of big brands or the average length of a successful subject line. A paid membership will, of course, unlock more detailed insights.

In short: this is the platform to keep an eye on if you want to gather inspiration and insights on email templates, email campaigns, A/B testing, subject lines, ...

Really Good Emails

If you’re aiming to push your own email marketing to new heights, look no further than Really Good Emails for inspiration you can put into practice. This is the cream of the crop: over 5.000 hand-picked email campaigns that all shine in their specific sector, categorised per theme and content. No wonder that Really Good Emails is one of the most popular search engines for email campaigns. We’ll bet that, before you know it, you’ll be spending hours gazing at all those fine examples in high-end usability, engaging content and clever email design.

Want to see how to set up a convincing cart abandonment mail? Find creative ways to justify the use of GIFs? How to get the most out of a welcome mail? Be sure to make Really Good Emails your regular stop.

A must-have for everyone who wants to check (and double check) every subject line before send-out, in a jiffy. Even though this tool only handles English subject lines, it’s fun to play around and experiment with. Just pop in your subject line, get an overall scoring and immediately see what makes your sentence lose points (i.e. ‘Does not contain a sense of urgency’ = -15 points). You also get useful tips to get it closer to a top score.

There are many more subject line testing tools out there, but do keep in mind that none of these tools offer the absolute truth. It’s always best to run your writings through more than one tool. Or why not test the reliability of the tool itself by letting it check a subject line that got good results in the past and see if that matches with the scoring it gets from the tool.


UsabilityHub is a user research platform that takes the guesswork out of design decisions by validating their usability with real users. One of the coolest functionalities is the ‘5 second test’. During this test, a selected audience will get to see your web page for just 5 seconds (or longer, as the tool allows you to adjust the time span). After that glimpse of your landing page, the viewers need to answer a few questions: what is the page’s core message, which products/services are offered, etc… Those answers will give marketers, copywriters and designers immediate and highly valuable insights.

UsabilityHub also offers specific functionalities like design surveys and preference tests. You can use the services of a participant panel segmented to your liking, based on demographics such as age, gender, level of education level, ... You can run basic tests under two minutes in duration for free. Longer tests and advanced features require a test upgrade. Ad hoc upgrades start as low as $50. Recruitment from the UsabilityHub participant panel is priced separately. Be sure to look at some inspiring examples on their website.


When it comes to testing every email you plan to send out, there’s no need to spend handfuls of cash. The sites above will let you test your emails for a small contribution, or even for free. Use them to your advantage and take the response to your email campaigns to the next level!

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Posted on
Mar 23, 2020