5 emails to boost your e-commerce business

5 emails to boost your e-commerce business

From ads on social media to promotional emails, there are many ways to generate extra sales for your e-commerce business. It’s an open secret with successful online retailers that one of the most reliable and profitable methods is email marketing. By making smart use of the opportunities that lie hidden in the communication flow with your customers, there’s some interesting revenue to be made by email.

If you look closely at what the behaviour of your buyers tells you, you shouldn’t find it all that complicated to create a profitable email campaign. Here are 5 types of email that help you create loyal customers.

1. Set up a welcome flow

When new subscribers sign up for email communication from your webshop, they expect to hear from you. That’s why they signed up in the first place. So be sure to strike while the iron is hot. Contact your new subscribers right after their initial sign-up, as you’ll still be top of mind and they will most likely be interested in reading your emails. That welcome email may be the very first contact between your company and a new and/or potential customer. Build it wisely, as it can either make or break your relationship.

Sending out one welcome mail is an okay way to start. Yet many prefer to send an automated flow of two or three emails. This helps you build a relationship with your subscribers so that they get to know you a little better before they move on to your regular mailing list.

  • In the first e-mail, thank your new subscriber, and ask to confirm the registration (by double opt-in). Maybe share a glimpse of what’s to expect from the welcome emails that will follow shortly.

  • Once confirmed, send them a second email with, for instance, an exclusive offer, an introduction to your brand or webshop, links to subscriber-only content or your FAQ page. It’s a smart way to put your key assets in the spotlight, build relationships and make sure readers not only open your future emails, but also find them relevant.

Do subscribers really care about being welcomed? You bet they do. It’s a proven fact that welcome mails have higher open rates and often generate more revenue than other promotional emails.

2. Send out newsletters on top topical events

As marketeers, we’re all mad about personalised and segmented emails, and the infinite possibilities that marketing automation tools offer us. And very rightly so. But let’s not forget that a traditional newsletter can haul in some extra revenue for your webshop as well.

E-newsletters that, for instance, respond to seasonal or holiday-related themes are a great way to bring your subscribers/customers back to your webshop. Making it easier to convince them to buy something that matches their mindset at that time. Hence the success of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday phenomenon and the vast amount of online Christmas shoppers in November and December.

Not reaping the benefits from seasonal hotspots for your webshop yet? Download our content planner loaded with top topicals for 2020 here and get started today.

3. Bring abandoned carts back to life

If you have a webshop, you’ve probably had visitors who logged into your site, added items to their shopping cart and then left without actually buying them. Why do people refrain from their purchase last-minute? The reason could be the shipping price, lack of time or the decision to read unbiased reviews of your products before they buy. Sometimes potential buyers just need that subtle push in the back to click the checkout button.

To get better conversions from your abandoned cart reminder mails, you can

  • offer an exclusive discount for one of the products in the abandoned cart
  • open with a fun subject line that grabs the reader’s attention, like "Your shopping cart is feeling lonely…"
  • add an authentic, positive customer review about one or more products in the cart.

4. Send notifications for Back in Stock or Wishlist items

Nothing annoys customers more than discovering that the product they wanted is out of stock, just when they were ready to check out. That can seriously damage your conversion ratios or sink the average order value for your webshop. But luckily, there’s something you can do to save you from losing that sale. Ask your potential buyer to sign up for a Back in Stock mail and follow-up on that as soon as the item becomes available again. Do you offer customers the possibility to keep wishlists on your webshop? Excellent: use them to create an automated flow of occasional updates on your customers’ coveted products. It's a great way to keep them engaged with your email marketing campaigns.

5. Build customer loyalty and re-engagement emails

We’re probably kicking in an open door when we tell you that existing customers are the bread and butter of your webshop. Still, we can’t stress enough how important it is to maintain and nurture the relationship with your established customer base. Whether you reward loyal customers or reactivate ‘sleeping’ customers, giving potential buyers your attention will be always worth your while.

  • Emails that tie in with life-related events: Use provided information to further shape the personal relationship with your customer. Have a date of birth? Send out a birthday mail and include a special discount, valid during a customer's birthday month. What better reason to shop could anybody need?
  • Win-back emails: Let a customer that hasn’t shopped with you for a while know how much you value his business. But don’t get too pushy: it works better when you keep your message breezy and fun. Why not add a special discount code to convince sleeping customers to start shopping at your store again?
  • Product lifecycle emails: An excellent idea when you sell products with a limited lifespan, let’s say anything from water filters and printer cartridges to light bulbs. These consumer goods are highly suited for an automated email flow that is triggered whenever a product nears its end of life. Definitely the way to go if you want to stimulate new orders.


In essence, email marketing is all about building trust with your existing and potential customers. To accomplish this, you can use promotional emails, personalised transactional emails, exclusive discount codes and anything creative that will encourage and establish your buyer’s loyalty. But be sure to keep your communication natural, relevant and personal. You will discover how email can be a highly effective way to generate extra leads and sales, without coming across as overly pushy.Get Access to our whitepapers