5 reasons why you should focus on SEO in 2019

While blogs and social media are forces to be reckoned with, the lion’s share of web traffic is still facilitated by search engines. So, when you’re not creating your content with the Googles and Yahoos of this world in mind, you are missing out on highly valuable traffic and in the end… sales. That’s why search engine optimisation (or SEO) should be regarded as a crucial component of any digital marketing programme.

1. A higher ranking in local search results leads to more visitors and a better sales figure.

According to Google 50% of the people who used a local search term for a product on a mobile device, visited a store the same day. And 18% of those searches resulted in a purchase on the very same day as well. 

2. Most consumers do some research before they buy something.

Research confirms that the majority of consumers and B2B buyers search the web for information, before they purchase your product or service. If you’re not in the top ranks of the results of the search engines they’re using, you’re missing out on a lot of potential customers.

3. SEO boosts your brand’s credibility.

A high ranking in search results will make visitors perceive your brand, products or services as relevant and trustworthy. So it’s best to avoid ending up on page 2 or 3, as people might consider your company to be a second-rate player, a newcomer or financially unfit to work on your SEO.

4. A page 2 or page 3 ranking will result in next-to-zero visibility.

Honestly: when looking for something on the web, how often do you check more than just the first page of search results? Is the answer ‘(almost) never’? Then you’re like most people. Tests show that 7 out of 10 clicks happen on the first result page. Do you want your fair share of that visibility? Be sure to invest in SEO or put a budget aside for SEA purposes.

5. Organic search takes a share of 64% of all website visits worldwide.

According to a representative sample study conducted by marketing organisation Conductor from 2014, 64% of all web traffic is channeled through organic search, 15% through links, 12% direct, 6% through SEA and a meager 2% through social media. It goes without saying that you’re missing out on a larger number of potential visitors when you neglect SEO.


If you run a business or brand and have an active website, you most certainly should be implementing an SEO strategy to help improve your rankings and increase your traffic. A convincing online presence is crucial for everyday businesses. And a smart SEO strategy can make you stand out from your competitors and help your sales figures flourish.

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Feb 1, 2019