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5 simple tips to adapt your emails to mobile devices

According to the latest stats of our partner Litmus, mobile email opens continued their steady climb toward 50% by gaining another percentage point in September. Emails opened on smartphones and tablets now account for 48% of total opens. Impressive, no?

That increase in mobile opens mostly comes from a continuous decrease in webmail, which dropped below 19% last month. Mobile opens have gained 10 percentage points since September 2012, while webmail clients have lost that same amount. Interestingly enough, desktop clients have remained relatively stable over the last year.


iPad and iPhone still dominate mobile opens, with a combined total of nearly 80%. Android makes up a respectable 20% of opens.


Soak up these 5 tips and make sure your emails are mobile-friendly 

1)    Enlarge the fonts
In mobile settings, fonts should be set larger than in traditional emails. To avoid illegible fonts, strive for body copy with a minimum of 14 pts.

2)    Call to action
An appealing call to action is a crucial part of every email. Put that call to action up front and central. And make it large enough to be tappable.

3)    Clean and simple
Real estate on a mobile screen is limited, so simplify pre-headers, navigation bars, social sharing,… to keep a clean and simple design.

4)    Layout
Consider a single-column layout: this matches smaller screens and enhances readability.

5)    Fingers replace the mouse pointer
Increase font sizes, line spacing, button sizes and white space to allow click-through on a touchscreen.

Source graphs: Litmus (A RAAK partner)


Be ready for the oncoming wave of mobile email readers, adapt your emails to smaller screens and finger-tapping navigation. It'll be worth your while.

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Nov 7, 2013