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5 tips for creating timely email campaigns that work

To create a good and engaging email campaign, you need qualitative content. There are many different ways to collect or create such content, but there are also different types of content. Evergreen content for example is the easiest content to create. You can plan the creation process ahead and easily re-use the content on a later time stamp. This type of content is also often easy to digest for your audience. But to keep things interesting, you better spice things up with some timely content as well.

Timely content is reflecting a present-day situation or the current period of time such as Christmas, Easter, etc. Input for this type of content is all around you at that time, so be sure to soak it all up and use it to your advantage. The tricky bit is getting your content good enough, fast enough. But when you get the hang of it, covering current events is a powerful way to associate with your audience and gain new contacts.
These 5 tips will help you start publishing timely content and more engaging email campaigns.
1. Understand your audience
When it comes to creating timely content for email, this one’s crucial. Know where their interests lie and use all the data you have from your audience to get to know them. For example, if you know your audience consists of mainly teens and young adults, you might draw their attention with a special back to school promo.
2. Have a content planner
Everyone who works with content benefits from using a content planner. It’s one of the best tools to stay on track and get organised when working with content. You can create your own content planner or use a pre-filled one online. 
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3. Don’t over-plan
It’s no use trying to cover as many events/dates as possible. Mark the moments that are relevant for your audience on your content calendar. This gives you some extra time to send out real-time or last-minute campaigns.
4. Content vs. design
Content is key when you send out a timely email campaign. But always keep a firm grip on the design of your emails too. Since this isn’t evergreen content, it’s the perfect opportunity to try out something fresh, instead of sticking to your regular template. Make sure your design supports the content, with a strong focus on your key message and CTA’s.
5. Newsjacking
It’s okay to ‘steal’. If you are new to creating timely content, newsjacking is the good way to go. Pick a relevant issue or news item and spin it around so it relates to your product or service. It’s a fun way to get creative with existing ‘hot topics’.


Creating timely content doesn’t mean you have to produce content last minute or within strict deadlines. You can easily plan ahead, analyse which content your audience needs and train yourself to be creative with timely content for your brand. Divert from only using and creating evergreen content and spice things up with some timely reads.

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Nov 30, 2017