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5 tips to turn your customers into ambassadors

In this crisis period it is important to continue servicing your contacts. Transparent and honest communication ensures a positive brand image and satisfied customers. And the more satisfied your customers are, the more likely they will transform into brand ambassadors.

Your best brand ambassadors are the one’s that would give an arm and a leg to have your product or use your service. Even better: they are so pleased with what you sell, that they want to convince everyone around them to buy from you, too. This desire to persuade goes beyond writing a review. Customers turned into brand ambassadors share photos of themselves with your product, write blogs about it, … In short: they are walking (and free!) advertisements for your brand. Here below, we give you 5 tips to sweep your customers of their feet.

1. Get to know your customers

First of all, you have to know who you’re dealing with. And this works both ways: your customers need to know exactly who they are buying from, too. After all, establishing a relationship based on trust, is a matter of give and take. In order to “take”, you have to consider your customers as individuals. That way, you can deliver the right message to the right person. With a marketing automation platform, you can track your customers and extract personal information from them. Nowadays, your buyers know and accept that they are being observed. Be open about it and use the gathered information wisely to make the right moves.

2. Make yourself shareable

No free promotion more powerful than people posting pictures of themselves using your product or enjoying your service. Even if you don't have a tangible product, you can create a derivative that refers to what you sell. Why not encourage your buyers to post your product by organizing contests or challenges? And always make sure that, when someone applauds you, the right response is to applaud back. It’s all about that relationship thing, remember? With your fans’ permission, you can integrate this user generated content into your brand story. A happy customer and free content: win-win!

3. Give them something to talk about

People are more inclined to post something about your brand if you give them something to chat about. For instance, you can let your customers (beta) test new products and ask for their opinions on social media. Do this with products that are not just handy problem solvers, but real must-haves that make your customers happy, you are bound to get lots of solid recommendations. Another option is to send a “just because” gift. Add a catchy hashtag and chances are your fans will openly show their appreciation online.

4. Create a loyalty program

Your fans’ love can easily fade if you don’t reward their loyalty. As we said, it’s important to enter into dialogue with your buyers: if they share their love for you, make them feel loved as well! Our advice: do even more and really go the extra mile for those customers who ‘advertise’ your brand. Why not reward their positivity with a special discount, free shipping, free samples, …?

5. Focus on customer service

Your customers will not remember your brand because of what you sold them, but because of how you made them feel while doing so. This is where customer service comes into play: be a brand that goes above and beyond to focus on a customer centric approach. You can, for example, solve issues together as a team, or create a customized after sales relationship, … It’s important to maintain this relationship for better and for worse. Even if someone responds negatively to your brand, handle his comment in a positive way. ‘Hugging the hater’ can sometimes turn an unsatisfied customer into a happy buyer again.


Customers turned into brand ambassadors are those buyers who not only use your products, but also talk about them. They help you reach a large audience by sharing word of mouth recommendations with their friends and their online community. Brand ambassadors are free walking and talking advertisements that help you build brand awareness with a superior reach. That is why investing in your relationship with these top-notch customers should always be on top of your priority list.

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Posted on
Mar 30, 2020