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5 ways to gather email opt-ins offline

Some say 'print is dead’. But we are convinced that offline media can still be useful, even for email marketers such as yourself. On one condition: what you need to do, is be creative with it. Most websites have an online opt-in for a newsletter program or other marketing email. But why not include offline tools to increase your number of opt-ins?

Let’s be honest: when marketers are coming up with ideas to grow their marketing list(s), they often - willfully or not - neglect offline media in their strategy. We believe this to be a shame. Because not only are there still some good offline tools to gather new contacts, it can also be really fun and rewarding to get creative offline. Here are some propositions on how to do that.

1. The power of posters
A cleverly conceived poster still draws people’s attention. Apart from hiring a good designer and ordering quality print work, here’s what you should consider:

  • Focus on one clear message, for example a special offer.
  • Include a sign-up message to your email list for more exclusive offers and promotions.
  • Present people with an easy way to sign up. You can use a URL of an online opt-in form, but a text-to-join code is even better. Text-to-join is an easy way to collect email addresses from contacts through a single text message they can send on the spot.

2. Review your business cards
Are your business cards due for a design update or are you simply ordering a new batch? While you are checking if all your contact information is still correct and relevant, why not also think about this? Renewing your business card design is the ideal opportunity to add your marketing database information, for instance on the back of your card.

3. The ‘window of opportunity’
Do you have a shop or office window with visibility on street level? Use it to promote your business. Or even better: to grow your email marketing database! Use a catchy phrase as an eye-catcher and include a sign-up message. For instance, a real estate firm’s window could say: “We’re here to help you find your dream home! Sign up for our weekly listings.” Here again, a text-to-join code is a recommendable way to go.

4. Printed merchandise
Strategically placed printed merchandising around your store, waiting room, reception area, event space, … can introduce people to your business or organization. Make sure the merchandising contains a call to action and your opt-in link or text-to-join info.

5. Giveaway or contest 
Events, trade fairs, sponsorships, … are ideal times to draw attention with a giveaway or a contest. Design and print some custom tote bags, drinking bottles or other items that may fit your target audience and offer them as a free prize. Make sure the contestants have (the choice) to opt-in to your marketing database. Let the games begin!  


Offline media are alive and kicking. If you choose to use them creatively, they can prove to be a quite effective tool to collect new contacts for your email marketing database. Make sure you don’t forget to add a clear call to action and your opt-in link or text-to-join info.

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Aug 19, 2016