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6 to-do's that influence the behavior of email personas

Why are Pinterest users attractive to brands? Most likely because they have an intention to buy. When someone pins stuff like home decoration, fashionable suits or DIY tools, there's a good chance that user intends to buy things related to those topics. And knowing what transforms this buying intention into an actual purchase is a challenge for all marketers. Wondering what the top triggers are that stimulate purchase behavior? We'll tell you more…

1. Reviews are everything
A study performed by QMRM amongst 2000 US buyers showed that 79% of the respondents check reviews of products to make a purchase decision.
To-do: add consumer reviews to your content or even better, link to third-party review platforms.

2. Make visuals matter
It's no secret that visual content outperforms pure textual content. 67% of consumers of a US study claimed that the quality of the pictures used for products is the most determinate factor for a purchase.
To-do: don't go heavy on stockphoto or low res images. Invest in high quality pictures and make your product as accessible as possible.

3. Know why online shops rule
A shopper-approved survey amongst 25.660 individuals highlighted the key factors why people prefer online shops: a larger selection, better pricing and more shopping convenience.
To-do: highlight each aspect in the buying cycle.

4. Don't forget the psychology
Products or services that trigger the part of the brain where we think about our own satisfaction or wellbeing, get more attention.
To-do: look for ways that make your buyers part of the brand, so they can identify with your product or service.

5. Offer quality products or services
The number 1 reason consumers relate to a brand is if they perceive it as good quality. 80% of people define quality as the most important reason, followed closely by pricing.
To-do: product quality should always be put first. Listen to reviews and comments in social media and set up a feedback loop to your product managers.

6. Be transparent
Make your communication and buying process transparent and fast. 57% of online consumers exit sites with a load time of over 3 seconds. 41% abandon shopping carts due to hidden charges at the checkout.
To-do: make your product to checkout cycle as fast and transparent as possible. Continually work your business model to minimize extra costs. These small costs have build large resistance in the checkout.


Online shoppers have high expectations of online shops. The more you can fulfill these expectations in an online experience, and streamline all administration process, the better your results will be.

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Nov 14, 2014