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7 tools and tactics to figure out what to write about

Content marketing is all about driving consumers’ interest to your brand. But coming up with new content ideas is challenging. Let alone evergreen content pieces that will drive the masses to your website, earn hundreds of backlinks and get you eternal glory in your users inbox. 

In the beginning there are tons of ideas and opportunities, but after months or years of content creation, you might be running out of inspiration. But finding the right idea doesn't have to be difficult. Ideas are all around us. These tools and tactics should help you untap new content.

Here are 7 of them.

1. SEMrush

SEMrush is a well-known premium SEO data and tracking tool which can be used in many ways. It is often used by SEO marketeers to track and monitor their organic search engine results. But there are also many ways to trigger content ideas using it.

If you are looking for fresh content ideas, give their SEMrush Topic Research a try. Enter a keyword or phrase and it will give you subtopics with the highest search volume, questions people ask and headlines that are earning the most links. Using these kind of tools you will be creating killer content backed by real data. 

2. Google Keyword Planner

The widely adopted and long known Google Keyword Planner is still a practical tool to discover phrases and keywords people use to find information around certain topics. Use it to look for keywords related to your products or services and untap new keyword and content opportunities. It’s mostly used by marketers to perform a keyword research, where you match every possible keyword or topic to a monthly search volume.

3. Google Search Console

Don’t forget to look at the keywords that are already driving people to your website. Look up these keywords in Google Search Console and sort the incoming queries by impressions and clicks. Terms with low click-through might show you that new or better piece of content will better match the topics or your target audience’s need.

4. Answer the Public

Answer the Public helps content marketers in many ways: it helps you to dive more deeply into a certain topic, it helps you to optimise your keyword research and find inspiration for new content ideas. When you enter a keyword, you get a great visualisation of how people are searching for this topic, neatly grouped in categories such as what, where and why.

5. Take part in Facebook Groups

By joining Facebook groups within your domain, you can find a lot of potential topic ideas. You can find a lot of problems to solve for your audience, which is always great inspiration for a blogpost.

Think of it as being in a crowded bar full of like-minded people, where you can eavesdrop on every single conversation. A real goldmine for content marketers. Follow the discussions to see what interests people, which questions they have, which problems they face, etc.

6. Read blog comments

Blog comments are, like Facebook Groups, a great source to solve a writer’s block. It will immediately tell you what people are struggling with, which questions they have, what keeps them up at night. It gives real understanding of a certain topic or business.

So write down what blog commenters are saying. Don’t forget that people will use the same words in Google to find an answer  to their problem. So this can also be a good starting point before executing a keyword research using tools such as Google Keyword Planner or Answer the Public.

7. Update old posts

Older content can also serve as a source of inspiration to come up with new content ideas. Often quite some time has passed by and the information in your content piece is no longer up to date or accurate.  Sometimes you get new insights or information on a certain topic, which can be used to enrich existing articles.


At a loss for words for fresh and response-generating content? Don’t worry, using one or more of the tools or tactics above will undoubtedly spark some inspiration. Be aware that the next killer topic(s) and content ideas might be right under your nose, if you just know where to look...


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Nov 25, 2019