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8 tips & tricks to create great marketing content

Creating strong content, which converts readers into qualified leads… it’s the ultimate dream of every marketer. But actually taking the time to create that content is often an issue. That’s why we hand you a few tips on how to create or reuse content fast and efficiently, without compromising on quality.

Here we go…

1. Run a content audit

Marketers often seem to think that great marketing content should always be new content. And that it has to be created from scratch. Newsflash: it doesn’t. You can reuse old content that performed well in the past or take that content as a starting point for new content. To determine which content you already have and which performed well, we recommend making a content inventory and running a content audit. You analyse your content using performance metrics from a variety of sources to determine which content is worth reusing.

2. Reuse popular content

After your content audit, it will become clear which content your readers are interested in. Analyse those popular pieces of content, rework them and relaunch them online. This can be a quick win when you make sure there is enough time between the moment you first use the content and the moment you’re reusing it.

3. You can’t escape content creation

Creating fresh content can be very time consuming. But it’s crucial for building a solid marketing strategy. If you don’t always find the time to create the content yourself, try to work together with colleagues. Or why not hire a professional to write content for your organization.

4. It’s all about the rank

Have tons of great content on themes that people want to read about? Nice one! Make sure it’s written in such a way that readers get sucked into it and are eager to read on. And by all means, always write with SEO in mind, so your content appears higher in the Google ranking. It’s may be worth your while to analyse existing content and rework it just for reasons of SEO.

5. Video is King

Written content still work. But don’t forget there are other options that grab your readers’ attention. Video content, for example, will help you get better results for your webinars. Have visitors leave some information about themselves and you’ll be scoring some new leads as well.

6. Bundle content

Don’t forget you can merge a range of content pieces around one topic and turn it into a downloadable e-book or whitepaper. Why not offer your audience bigger content pieces in exchange for some extra personal data? You’ll see it’s another great way to generate new leads.

7. Listen to your audience

Know what your audience is asking. Determine what they need and want. Setting up buyer personas is a smart idea. But you can also make it easier on yourself. Ask your sales or support team which are the most common questions from customers and turn those into a FAQ article with all the answers grouped conveniently on one page.

8. From slideshow to infographic

Are your sales colleagues often making presentations with great content for sales pitches or client meetings? Don’t just let those sleep on your servers afterwards. Take a look at the content and see if can be transformed into an article or an infographic without too much hassle…


Great marketing content can help you to convert an audience into new leads. But make sure you put effort into creating and using your marketing content wisely. Dive into the creating process, hire the right people and/or analyse your existing content. Get to know what works for your readers and use that knowledge to set up a great content strategy.

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Oct 4, 2017