8 ways to redefine existing content for email campaigns

So, where do you start when you can’t think of anything worth including in your next email campaign or e-newsletter? Well, don’t wreck your brain. The answer may be right under your nose, ready to be turned into killer content to engage with your audience. You’d be amazed by the goldmine of input waiting for you.

1. Repurpose social media content

Social media is a great source of content material to distill newsletter ideas from. Let us guide you through the possibilities...

Social visuals as newsletter headers or banners

When it comes to email content, you’re probably thinking about copy in the first place. But did you know that strong visuals are good stuff to build email newsletters around as well? Visuals created for social media can serve as eye-catching headers or can be used to section off segments in an email. So, why not make it easier on yourself and repurpose a visual that’s already designed? There’s another advantage to using the same image across platforms. They create synchronicity in your marketing, which makes your brand instantly recognisable.

Get newsletter content from top social posts

If it works on social media, why not try to make it work in your email campaign? Analyse your best posts on platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, etc., and rework their content for your emails. These could make the most engaging stories for your newsletter. And don’t forget about the traditional, more text-oriented channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The posts on these channels could make for compelling content in newsletters. And don’t be too shy to link back to the original post to drive views and engagement across platforms.

Reuse social polls as newsletter content

Most social media platforms let you set up polls to get opinions from your audience. It has become a quite popular method on social media to get to know your audience, and vice versa. So why not run the same polls as micro surveys in your email campaigns to get interaction with your readers? Who knows what you might learn.

Put user-generated content in your email campaign

User-generated content is seen as highly authentic and is akin to word-of-mouth communication, which we know works wonders. Giving real people a forum on your platforms gives your company or brand a sense of authenticity. For example, user images and videos can be sourced directly from your users’ accounts. But whatever you do, don’t forget to always ask them for explicit permission to reuse their posts in your emails.

2. Re-use gated content in email marketing campaigns

Gated content includes anything that requires users to fill out forms, sign up for access, or make payments. Some examples? Whitepapers, infographics, or — shameless self-promotion alert! — the content tip of the week from our RAAK content planner at the bottom of every tipmail you get from us.

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While gated content can attract attention/conversions on your website, using this kind of content in email marketing can improve the number of views and boost your clickthrough ratio.

3. Video content in your emails

Is your company already creating videos? Lucky you: that’s a great resource for newsletter content right there! Check out these three ways to use video in your newsletters to boost email clickthrough.

Incorporate videos in newsletters

It’s a proven fact that using video in email marketing campaigns works well. But be aware that embedding video in your HTML coding can be tricky. That’s why we recommend other and safer alternatives to let your video content shine in your emails:

  • Place a static screenshot of a frame from your video with a play button over it and link that to your website, YouTube, or Vimeo account with the real video.
  • Add a short GIF of the video for a sense of motion and use that as an eyecatching link.

Instagram Stories in your email campaign

This may not seem like the most logical option, because Instagram Stories are created specifically for social media. But take it from us us: they can work amazingly well in email too. Instagram Stories are available for 24 hours only. While that makes for great short-term engagement, not all your followers check their social media every day. For that part of your audience, the highlights from your Stories in their mailbox can be motivational to check out your social media accounts more often, creating engagement across platforms.

Create how-to guides from video tutorials

Videos explaining a certain process are highly popular and sought-after on the internet (hello YouTube!). But while video tutorials are engaging, people don’t always have the time to watch an entire video. Instead, put together highlights from the video and add a short story in your newsletter with an accompanying text.


Marketing teams are always busy creating tons of content. Unfortunately, the majority of that content is only used for one platform, or one campaign. Isn’t that a waste of time and money? Try re-using your content more often, especially when you’re temporarily out of fresh ideas to fill up your email marketing campaigns. It will make your job a bit lighter whilst increasing your subscribers’ engagement at the same time. Now tell us: what’s not to like?New call-to-action

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Jul 1, 2021