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A simple guide to higher clickthrough rates

Your email campaigns are a means to an end: they are meant to boost sales, drive online traffic, boost attendance of an event…

Whenever you discuss what you want to achieve with your emails, the term ‘clickthrough’ will undoubtedly often pop up in the conversation. You want your contacts to respond to your emails by clicking through:

  • to a landing page to get more information
  • to your webshop to place an order
  • to your website to register or subscribe
  • ...

This is why – next to the opening rate – the clickthrough rate is an excellent way to measure how your emails are performing. And thus increasing your CTR equals improving your performance. We give you 6 easy-to-apply tips & and tricks to do so.

6 simple tips to improve your email clickthrough rates

1) Keep mobile users top-of-mind
In a previous RAAK tip we mentioned the latest Litmus analysis showing that 54% of all opened emails were read on mobile devices. As more and more people use their mobile devices to read email and surf the web, it's more important than ever for marketers to design their emails with mobile users in mind. An email designed for the wrong interface will generate substantially fewer clicks.

2) Include 1 clear call-to-action button
Many of your email recipients will scan your email without reading the copy. Knowing this, you will want to show a very clear CTA button that:

  • is easy to spot
  • shows an immediate benefit
  • communicates a sense of urgency

Without this, your contacts will feel less enticed to take action.

Important to know!
Many email clients block images by default. Make sure you use html created buttons instead of image-based ones. If you are forced to use an image button, always set a clear alt text. Even your contact who cannot see the image will know exactly where to click.

3) Add links to your images
Do you want to increase the clickthrough rate without littering the copy of your emails? Try adding links to your images. While your contacts scan your email, images always draw attention. The most interesting images will trigger a desire to click on them.  

Again: beware of image-blocking clients
Adding alt text to your email images helps recipients understand your message, even if they can't see the images right away. Use actionable language in your alt text, e.g. "Click here to download the RAAK Content Planner." Actionable alt text essentially turns every linked image into a powerful CTA. And powerful CTAs trigger higher CTRs.

4) Include noticeable text links
In addition to a clear call-to-action button, it is always a good idea to build multiple links to your featured offer in different places in your email. Clearly noticeable text links (one or two are often enough) increase the opportunity for engagement.

5) Be clickable above the fold
Position one or more of the clickable elements mentioned above (buttons, images, text links) at the beginning of your email. Especially for mobile users, giving them an actionable element soon after opening the email is likely to lead to more clicks.

6) Add social sharing buttons
Let’s apply some straightforward logic: the more people get to see your link, the more people will click on it. So why not extend the life of your email by adding social sharing buttons?

People are far more likely to take action if you make it really easy for them. Not many of your contacts will take the initiative to tweet about your content on their own. What they are more likely to do, is use the "lazy tweets” you offer them.

ClickToTweet is an excellent (and free!) custom tweet link generator.


It is not that difficult to get higher clickthrough rates on your emails. Make yourself used to consistently applying these basic ‘rules of engagement’. We are very curious to hear by how many percent you manage to boost your CTR.

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Jul 15, 2016