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Adapt your email marketing to mobile and save your ROI

For most marketers, email has been a key element in their digital arsenal for years. It has proven to be a valued contributor to ROI and customer engagement.

But the ever-growing number of mobile users - which means that consumers have access to their email virtually anywhere and at any time - forces companies to take action. We have to rethink email tactics and formats to take advantage of smaller screens and behavior patterns of consumers on the go. And that engagement with mobile email is still on the rise: a recent study shows that 60% of email users in European countries such as France, Germany and in the UK now check their email on a mobile device every day. 
(source: Returnpath “Email Mostly Mobile”)

In the meantime, our inbox is still flooded with unadapted messages…

Mobile email has us facing several challenges, and if you haven't already, it's time to act now. Messages not optimized for mobile devices will give your readers and subscribers an inferior user experience: crooked layouts, unreadable text, non-loading images and awkward links. It only takes a few unpleasant experiences (we don't like scrolling through cramped, unnecessary content. Do you?) to put off even the keenest of mobile users. Which may result in opt-out, ending up the junk mail folder, a shrinking list, unread messages and finally… a loss of precious ROI.


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Posted on
Oct 4, 2013