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An insight into the mobile email stats of 2014

Our partner Litmus has been tracking email opens for more than 4 years. And it's very interesting to see how behavior has changed over time. Mobile made up just 8% of email opens in 2011. At the end of 2014 nearly 50% of all emails are opened on smartphones and tablets — that's a stunning 500% increase in four years.

The stats are global averages and give an aggregate view across industries, verticals, B2B and B2C. But the trend is clear: over time, desktop email has slowly been replaced by mobile and web apps. Businesses are shifting email away from desktop suites and moving to scalable services like Outlook 365 and Google Apps. And people everywhere — both in business and consumer settings — have been steadily opening more email on mobile.

environment_growth_497x270Looking into 2014, we see an impact of changes in Gmail on email opens: a dip in mobile in May and, at the same time, increase in webmail as all opens from Gmail now fall into the webmail category. Things started to pick back up in June, and mobile opens once again began to rise. We signed off 2014 with 48% of opens coming from detectable mobile sources, 22% of opens in desktop, and 30% in webmail.

environment_growth_2014_497x270By looking at historical trends for mobile growth and the difference in Gmail open counts from before and after the updates, we can try to account for the lost mobile opens being counted as webmail. On average, it appears as though mobile opens are probably 3–5% higher than what is currently detectable. Looking at adjusted figures for 2014, this puts year-end open rates at 22% for desktop, 25% for webmail and 53% for mobile.



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Jan 22, 2015