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And that’s why your emails need to be responsive…

You’ve probably seen this topic addressed a couple of times before. The ever so rapidly growing amount of devices is forcing us to think differently about design, content and user experience. That’s why it is an absolute must to ensure your email/site/blog looks great on each and every one of them.

Form follows function has never been a bigger concern than in this day and age.


To simplify things for you, we’ve poured it into a 5-point checklist…

Bad formatting encourages deletes
It’s simple: if your sales/marketing message doesn’t look like a shiner or the formatting is off, it will find its way to the recycle bin in no time. So tidy up that formatting!

Dress to impress
Make sure that your email renders properly. That allows your brand to stand out as a progressive and contemporary player.

Keep in mind that mobile devices have smaller screens and force you to scroll. This makes navigating more difficult. With responsive design you can ease that experience and keep a focus on your CTA.

Future proofing
The Gmail app, the iPhone, the Smartwatch,… just a number of devices or apps that will determine future email use. Switching to responsive design allows you to future proof to a certain extent.

Smaller screen = less content
An issue often forgotten in email marketing is the volume of content in an email. Imagine having to read some bulky text on a smaller screen. You get the picture. Responsive design allows you to remove less important content and once again create more visibility for your CTA.


We can surely think of a few more reasons why it’s crucial to make your design responsive. Always bear in mind that people use all different kinds of devices. So always try to be one step ahead and create the best user experience, even on the smallest screen imaginable.

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Mar 11, 2015