Boost your campaigns with AI-Powered email marketing

AI or Artificial Intelligence is increasingly finding its way into our daily lives. Almost every company is getting on the AI boat and certainly for email marketing it can provide new opportunities. Email is not an exciting new technology, but it is still an important part of a marketing strategy of many companies (for both B2B and B2C businesses).

With the increasing importance of data and personalization, AI can play an important factor in your next email marketing campaign, as long as you know what platforms you can use for this. Here are some tools that will give a huge boost to your next email campaign with AI.

But first, why use AI?

Why would you use AI for your next email campaigns? Well, AI takes everything a step further than regular automations. AI technology can use advanced computer techniques to analyze large data sets. But it's not about the numbers for AI, it's about the insights it can get from these datasets. And what makes AI really intelligent is that it will improve itself during and after analyzing it and thus make better decisions.

For email marketing, AI can help you improve your open and click rates.  It can also save you money because it helps you to set up successful campaigns more easily and in less time than a "normal" campaign.

Some of the possibilities of AI in email are:

  1. Subject lines chosen to ensure success
    AI chooses the best subject line for your target group, analyzes the results and optimizes the subject lines for your next campaign.
  2. Personalized copy
    Copy that resonates with your audience, personalized for every type of segment.
  3. Structure and optimized sending times:
    The best structure for your email campaign? And the best shipping time? AI gets it done.

Subject Lines | Phrasee

As we've said before, subject lines can determine the success of an email campaign. Phrasee uses AI to give your campaigns the perfect subject line. In order to do so, the platform uses a generator that goes through thousands of possibilities before submitting an option to you. It takes the available assets (target group, content, ...) into account, to make the subject lines as relevant as possible. Phrasee is constantly learning: with every campaign that the tool has used, it learns how to improve the subject lines in the future.

CASE: Superdry, a UK branded clothing company, teamed up with Phrasee to boost their email engagement. As shopping habits have changed in recent years and online shopping became the way to go, Superdry had to do something to revive their email marketing. With Phrasee’s AI-optimised email copy, they managed to increase their audience engagement.

Personalized copy |

Do you send a newsletter to your users every week or more often? Then it might happen that you no longer know how to fill this newsletter with interesting copy. responds to this by filling your newsletters with content that suits the target group of the newsletter in question. This saves you a lot of research time! They also look at the individual users by really personalizing which items they see.

CASE: The American Marketing Association (AMA), a worldwide marketing community, called in the help of to improve their email campaigns. helped sending out daily updates, in a highly personal way.  And with success! AMA noticed an increase in their website traffic and the engagement rate of their newsletter reached up to 42%.

Structure and optimized sending times | Optimove

Optimove uses AI to automatically adjust personalization, content and timing in your email campaigns. They constantly monitor the behavior of the users and adjust what will be sent. This allows you, for example, to guide customers perfectly to their goals because Optimove chooses the best possible options based on their artificial learnings. This ensures that A / B testing is already done within the platform, so you immediately send the best possible emails.

CASE: Adore Me, a women’s underwear company, and Optimove  joined their forces to improve Adore Me's sales. Optimove helped sending daily emails to their 5 existing buyer personas. The tool got to know the customers that well, that it created  another 61 customer personas. That way, Adore Me can send highly targeted multi-channel communications . As a result, the revenues and order volumes increased considerably.

Structure and optimized sending times | TheSeventhSense

TheSeventhSense is a Hubspot tool that ensures that your users receive personalized emails at the right time. With send-time optimizations based on this person's engagement time and frequency optimizations to reach customers at their preferred times, this leads to a better conversion strategy.
This tool is for all companies who really want to optimize their send times!


The number of reliable AI options for email marketing is currently still scarce. Many tools are a work in progress and are not yet fully developed. A lot of marketing platforms already offer automations that are sufficient for most companies to personalize and optimize their campaigns. It is always worth taking a look at the tools that are available to determine if they can benefit your campaigns. But you shouldn't expect miracles from it... yet. What is certain is that we have certainly not seen everything about AI in email marketing! We've only just started!

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Posted on
Jan 22, 2021