Discover the secret power of an honest `thank you´.

Have you said 'thank you' to your clients recently? No doubt, you'll have an order confirmation thank you email, or an email to thank your clients and throw in an extra discount. But, that's not what we mean, we're talking about literally saying 'thank you'.

Lots of brands think of thank you emails as a commercial initiative. An out of the blue email with a discount feels more like a sales proposition, rather than a heartfelt thank you. Planning to send out an effective thank you campaign, but don't know what to say? Well think of this: remember that guy who helped you out when your car broke down? Or, that time when your best mate got you an extra ticket for that sold-out festival? Well, that true 'thank you' feeling is what you want to share with your customers.

So to set the tone just right: from all of us at RAAK, a well-deserved thank you for your reads, clicks, posts, comments during the past years... From the bottom of our hearts: thank you!

As a little extra, here are 3 of the coolest tips our customers and contacts shared with us.

1) GET TO BY??

One of our customers - an renowned player in FMCG - learned us to define campaign targets by using the GET TO BY principle. Three short words to define your objective by. An example? We want to GET our email contacts TO share our content BY offering relevant and unique content, sent through email and blogs. A simple and highly effective trick to help you define your goals.

2) Best practices are meant to be broken.

One of our clients, a famous clothing brand, challenged us to throw our trusted best practices overboard for a sales campaign. We created an all-image email, wich we sent out at 9 AM on a saturday morning. Two major mistakes? That's what we thought. But on Monday morning we got an email saying the traffic to their webshop skyrocketed. What's more: their retail stores were begging them to redo this campaign, as they too noticed a significant increase in store traffic. Stunning...

3) Co-registration for our own brands.

One of our clients, a well-known publishing name, came up with the idea to use co-registration for their own brands. They have over 20 different types of newsletters related to book genres or popular comic titles. So we set up a program to confirm subscriptions. And as an extra, they asked us to add subscribe buttons to the confirmation emails of brands that are relevant to the brand people just subscribed for. This method proved to work extraordinarily well: over 25% of new registrants also signed up for other titles.


Don't forget to thank your customers and contacts from time to time (without trying to sell them anything). You'll find that these simple and honest 'thank you's' strengthen your relationship in the long run.

Posted on
Apr 5, 2013