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Do you market ‘for’ or ‘to’ your consumer?

Let’s face it: the Mad Men days are over. Brands should no longer be communicating to their audience, but for their audience. And it doesn’t matter if you call this relevance, experience marketing or magnetic content, the idea is simple: “As a brand, how can I be useful and relevant for my consumer?”

But creating relevant content and packing it in a compelling format is a challenge. The main problem is that most content is written by someone with a specific profile in your company. Take your product specialist, for instance. He can undoubtedly write a passionate article about his beloved product. But can he make sure the packaging does justice to the content as well?

So, are you stuck writing that killer article? Focus on these 5 sources to help you through...

1. Forums
Seriously, there are still plenty of active forums out there. And we all have an account on the biggest one: Linkedin. Type in the name of your service or product, you’ll be surprised how much people are asking and answering questions in different groups. So find those questions that everyone keeps asking, and answer them for your audience.

2. Data
You are sending out email newsletters? Tag the different types of content you send out, and dive into the click reports to find out which content is most popular.

3. Your customer service department
Go talk to them. If they often get the same questions, those could be a good starting point for an article.

4. Your sales team
Which questions do they get when talking to prospects? Ask them about it and turn it into killer content.

5. Your clients
Ask them! Create a small service to ask what type of content they expect. But don’t go for the 10 minute questionnaire, a short poll will do the trick!


When you’re looking for inspiration to write killer content that’s relevant to your readers, be sure to consult different sources.

Posted on
Jun 3, 2015