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Email design | Last but not least… the footer section!

The footer is actually a criminally underrated part of your emails. Lots of companies don't really give it much thought, but when it's constructed wisely that footer can significantly increase your click-through rate. Analysis on campaigns managed by RAAK shows that well designed footer sections generate roughly 5% of extra click-throughs. And that's additional interaction, improving your overall response rates.

Recipients often scan and scroll emails looking for interesting items. If subscribers don't find items they want to read within the primary or secondary content sections of an email, they still might want to click through to a specific section of your website, to your social media pages or respond to easy-to-scan and inspirational invitations. 

For newsletter subscribers it also offers a visually recognizable and interesting sign-off for your email. It's the ideal spot to invite them to interact for one last time, instead of simply making them scroll all the way up again. And from a content management point of view, you'd be surprised how easy it is to maintain this section…


Save your footer section from being boring. Use it to motivate your readers to click through to relevant content on your website or point them to your lively social media spots…

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Feb 14, 2014