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Email got caught in a spam filter? Here's what to do…

You have an email marketing program up and running. You're collecting opt-in data and are putting hard work into having a certain frequency in email sending. But strangely enough, your reports show a decrease in open en click-through rates. Could be that your email deliverability is under pressure and that you're caught in junk folders. Now that's a bummer…

But don't despair. There's something you can do to prevent this from happening. Here are a couple of quick wins to guide you through spam filters and straight into your contacts' inbox…

Validate your HTML

No one likes messy HTML codes. They are hard to adapt, your readers will have problems rendering your email and spam filters will probably block them. So you'd better make sure you're using well-structured, simplified code

Use your own opt-in list

The key to success can be so simple sometimes. This is probably the most effective tip, because people who signed up for your newsletter know who you are. Use the opt-in contacts you collected via your own channels, respect opt-in or double opt-in, and send only information your list contacts signed up for. And it's that recognition and respect that makes recipients trust your email. Just leave out all irrelevant sources of data.  They are too spam-sensitive and chances are you contacts may not be interested in your offer at all.

Clean up your database constantly

Always get rid of your bounces. The best thing to do is to put your hard bounces on non-active and keep a strict eye on your soft bounces. If they keep soft bouncing, it's time to take them off your list. Want to take it a step further? Try to reactivate non-openers.If that doesn't work, put them on non-active as well. It decreases the list volume, but increases the response rates and is essential to keep a healthy database. Moreover, dead email addresses are the shortest way to negative deliverability scores.


Consistency in your FROM: name, HTML, IP address, reply to, sending frequency and timing,… will gain you trust and lets you build up a positive online reputation. So make a recognizable framework around your email marketing and provide fresh content continuously.


Keep these 4 tips in mind with every email you build. They will help you navigate your emails through spam filters and straight into your contacts' inbox.

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Feb 27, 2014