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Email marketing mistakes and how to avoid them | part 1

Email still is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic towards your site. It also helps you reach recipients in every step of the customer lifecycle. Using an ineffective design or strategy might do more harm than you’d think. Even to your brand in general.

This (and next) week, we’d like to take the time to point out a series of commonly made mistakes in email marketing. Some of them might seem like details, but you’d be surprised how frustrating they can be for your recipients…

In general, these small mistakes can be fixed relatively easy. But we’d rather be safe than sorry and prevent these mistakes from ever happening (again).

The list below outlines the most commonly made email marketing mistakes and how to avoid them. Check them out…

1. Email focuses on product, not recipient
An important element that many brands still seem to fail at, is focusing on their audience rather than their products. The objective is often missed by not meeting customers in their needs and providing only ‘boring’ product details. Create a dialog with your recipient and respect the precious time he or she is devoting to you.

2. Email offers no value to the customer
Your database is built up with potential customers. But what if they never actually buy? In that case, are they still valuable to you? That’s why it’s key to keep your audience eager at all times. Failing to do so is deadly for your opened rates in both short and long term.

3. Subject line excites, content disappoints
We have all experienced it before, being drawn to open an email and, a couple of seconds later, ending up disappointed. You find out the content hasn’t got anything to do with the subject line or isn’t nearly as exciting as the subject line implies. Don’t let your audience down. Deliver what you promised them in the first place. If you don’t, they will lose trust and eventually… interest.

4. Message preview is overlooked
We have addressed this quite a few times before. The message preview is still too often overlooked. Use it as an addition to (or enhancer for) your subject line. You’ll see it could be just as important as your ‘from’ and ‘reply’ details.

5. Too many calls to action
The main goal of a CTA is to incite a reaction. If the CTA isn’t clear enough or there are too many CTA’s, the reader loses track of what he is supposed to do. He’ll probably lose interest quickly. Make sure your main CTA and key message are as crystal clear as can possibly be.

6. Not using responsive design
You don’t want to force your clients to scroll or zoom their screens to read your email. By using a responsive design, you make sure your email is readable and clickable, no matter what device your contacts are using.

7. Email has too much content and is too long
The myth of the 7 second attention span, is long over since they invented swiping. So If you do get them to open your email, keep it short, clear and engaging. If you do have a lot to tell, why not send different shorter emails?

8. Having to login to unsubscribe
Don’t annoy your recipients with difficult unsubscribe procedures. Instead, remind them what they’re likely to miss when they unsubscribe. It might just be your chance to reactivate someone in the lowest regions of the lifecycle process.


Next week, we’ll be discussing a few more email marketing mistakes. We’ll be focusing on design, content, segmentation and subscription. In the meantime, be sure to check your emails for these first 8 mistakes. We bet you’ll be experiencing the effect with the next email you send out...

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Jul 3, 2015