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Email marketing mistakes and how to avoid them | part 2

Just like we promised in part one, here is an additional overview of commonly made mistakes in email marketing.

Email marketing is more than just design. That’s why rather than just focusing on design, we also want to take a closer look at customer behavior and subscription methods. They can be a major influence in the pre and post subscription phase. And just like in last week’s tipmail, we included tips on how to counter those mistakes.

The list below outlines 8 more email marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Lack of text links
Supply enough click opportunities. You might support your article with a nice and shiny button. Adding text links within your text, contributes to a higher click rate.

2. Email is images only
Although we have addressed this quite a few times before, we still see this on a daily basis. The fact of the matter is a lot of email clients still block images by default. If your email doesn’t hold any text at all, you basically end up with a blank email. Try to find the right balance between text and images.

3. Email doesn’t use any images
Plain text emails can be strong, don’t get us wrong, but that will suffice very strong copy. An image can support or enforce your message. It could help expressing emotions, support a commercial message or visualize a situation. Don’t forget to provide your images with alt text and a title. So even with images off you still have options.

4. Sending too many/few emails
One of the trickiest aspects of email marketing is the frequency of sending. You can easily overwhelm people by sending them too many emails. Or you could lose someone’s interest if the contact moments are to few and far between. Trying to find the balance between the two is key. So why not ask your audience when they want to hear from you?

5. Database is rarely/not segmented
One thing’s for sure: your audience is diverse. You should also treat them as such. Segmentation offers quite a few options, from gender to customer behavior. You can use that information to tailor emails to the client’s needs.

6. Emails don’t follow customer behavior
This is a part of your segmentation process. Segmentation based on behavior and data, as a direct result of interaction with your brand.
Not everybody is in the same phase of the customer lifecycle. That’s why it’s best to approach them in their own specific way. For instance, an inactive user should be urged to come back, whereas an active user should be engaged into increasing their usage of your product.
Using data could also be used to help you improve copy, subject lines, usage of images, frequency, etc…

7. Not having a subscribe form on your site
The most valuable way to nurture your database, is to offer a proper subscription option on your site. Fresh contacts want to hear from you, so it’s up to you not to let them down.

8. Asking for information you never use
Why do your subscribers have to provide their phone number, birth date or address if you are never going to use it? Recipients will give you that information if what they get in return is equally as valuable.


Do these 8 additional focus points make you stress about your current way of working? No worries, these mistakes can easily be avoided. In fact, it might even mean less work for you and a more enjoyable experience for your readers. So why hesitate?

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Jul 9, 2015