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5 marketing tips to make your summer more relaxed

Even if you can’t just leave the office for the whole summer, it’s always nice to make some time to tackle some stress-free and long overdue tasks during the summer months. And marketing automation can help you to gain that extra time by taking over some repetitive tasks from your daily schedule.

Take baby steps

To use a metaphor with a summery feel to it: it’s best to dip your toe in the pool before getting in over your head. First of all, make sure your organisation is ready for marketing automation, and if so, start by taking it one small step at a time. You will learn something from every automation project which you can take with you to the next (and more complex) automation set-up.

Automate your emails

To start with, define a simple email routine task you execute every day. For example, send a welcome email to all new people in your database. Define all the steps you complete during the process and look for the right email marketing automation platform to help you automate these steps. Once this automation flow is up and running, you will have some extra time to handle another task each day (or week).

Reuse existing content

Re-evaluate your existing content and consider how it can be repurposed, redesigned or presented in a different format. Then set up an automated flow to (re)target your database with this updated content during the summer months. You can update the content, plan your blogposts and then set up the automation at the beginning of summer, so you don’t have to think about it during summer months.

Set up social scheduling

During the summer months, companies often don’t have a lot of news to share via social media. That’s why it’s the perfect time to schedule some (evergreen) content. Tools like Hootsuit, Buffer or Tweetdeck can help you schedule your social posts and keep an overview.

Implement lead scoring

By attributing a score to actions carried out by your website visitors and respondents to your campaigns, you can prioritise and route the highest-ranking leads to the sales team automatically. Discuss with your sales team in advance which specific score each action generates. This will free up the extra time you’d invest in analyzing every prospect individually.


There are some small things you can set up and automate right now to free up some extra time during the summer months. Use the tools, materials and knowledge you have and start automating right now, taking it step by little step. These first modest automation projects might be the right base to build upon throughout next autumn and winter.

Set up a personal marketing automation plan for your company or organisation. Download this ready-to-use template to draw out your path.

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Jun 29, 2018