Digital marketing trends for 2021

Focus on these 6 digital marketing trends in 2021

Let’s say that 2020 was, errrm… not quite what we expected. But it did lead to some interesting changes in consumer behavior, which will have further impact on the digital marketing trends in 2021. We know, it isn’t always easy to stay on top of what’s hot and what’s not in e-marketing. That’s why we cherry-picked 6 trends for you to follow up on over the coming 12 months. Guaranteed to boost your digital marketing!

Trend #1 | Mobile apps, video and interactive content

Last year, for most of us our home has become the place where we work, shop and even spend most of our free time. On top of that, the number of people we can meet up with has also been seriously restricted. No wonder we have (partially) lost the feeling of belonging to a community and a sense of physical connection. As consumers, we are trying to fulfill these needs by spending more time online, both at home and on the move.

Social media have become more popular than ever. Consumers are on the lookout for relevant content such as videos, podcasts and virtual events to stay connected. Furthermore, due to the partial lockdown of stores labelled as non-essential, social media have become a preferred tool to check out products and to actually buy them. And it’s clear that people are doing so en masse, without having to leave their favorite social media platform.

As a brand you can no longer rely solely on your physical stores. In these most peculiar of times, it’s wise to make it easy for consumers to buy stuff on your website as well. Work on enhanced search functions and keep product details updated all times. Your website needs to be on point as people trust upon this for doing their research before buying a product. Offer them the best possible online customer experience in your webshop, with product descriptions, clear pictures, options to rate and review products,…

As online and connectivity becomes more important, adding interactive elements to your website and social media is a great way to provide added value for visitors:

  • Assessments
  • Quizzes
  • Games
  • Polls
  • ...

Trend #2 | Growing importance of ethical values

Consumers reflect more and more about what their impact on the environment is. They are demanding that brands be transparent about their actions and take responsibility through concrete actions.

Moreover, consumer expect brands and companies to take a clear stand in social, environmental and ethical issues. So, as a brand you simply can’t afford to ignore these issues and not take actions for the better. But this also offers new opportunities: in return, your customers will bring in loyalty and authenticity. The more you communicate a sense of purpose, the stronger the loyalty of your audience and their willingness to buy your products will be. So it’s crucial that the messaging across all channels breathes your values.

Trend #3 | Increased focus on privacy and security

Last year people spent a lot of time online. More than ever before. This trend made people more and more aware of the vulnerability of the data they are sharing and saving online. It’s no wonder that consumers are demanding brands to be transparent about how they use their data and how securely they are storing it. This leads to companies starting the conversation about data ethics. In 2021, this isn’t just a convenience anymore. It’s a must for every self-respecting company or brand.

Just think of the fuss which the WhatsApp messaging service is currently experiencing, after communicating they want to change their terms of use. Quite a few users fear that WhatsApp could share confidential data with their parent company Facebook.

Trend #4 | Visual search will become mainstream

As technology keeps on morphing into newer and more exciting forms, companies need to react to constant shifts in the digital landscape. People are going online using digital assistants and smart devices, so visual search will keep on growing in 2021. For instance, it’s perfectly possible to upload an image, conduct a search and get more specific results and answers about it through Pinterest lens, Google lens, Camfind or Bing visual search.

For companies and brands this means that your online images and SEO campaigns should always be spot on:

  • Watch over the professional quality of your images
  • Add images to your sitemap
  • Always provide alt texts for images
  • Use SEO keywords in the file name of images

Trend #5 | Team-ups with influencers

Influencer marketing, especially by micro influencers, was one of the digital trends of 2020. Depending on how long the access to physical stores will be restricted in 2021, the importance of influencers will keep booming as people will turn to them for opinions and reviews before buying products. A perfect alternative way for brands to present their products to prospects and customers when they can’t do that in brick-and-mortar stores.

Trend #6 | Neuromarketing on the rise

Neuromarketing is a rather new technology which is advancing quickly. In fact, it may become a viable tool sooner than you’d think. Through analysis of a person’s brain activity and nervous system, it will become possible to determine which type of content they find engaging. This means that marketing materials — let’s say websites, ads, email campaigns and other content — could be developed to evoke specific neurological reactions that trigger emotions or responses linked to purchasing. Now is the time to do some advance research and see what it could do for your brand...


How 2021 will evolve, nobody knows for certain. Will we still be restricted in the way we live and work or will we see a return to the ‘new’ normal sometime soon? Whatever the case, don’t just sit and wait for the outcome. Stay focused on the above trends and take advantage of these new techniques to bring your marketing efforts up to speed.

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Jan 19, 2021