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Gmail starts supporting responsive design emails

Good news! Google announced that, as from the end of September, Gmail will support responsive emails. From then on, CSS media queries and styles can be read by Gmail / Inbox by Gmail. And that’s quite revolutionary, as those email providers couldn’t do that up until now. This will undoubtedly soothe a lot of headaches for email designers and developers...

More than ever, people are opening emails on mobile devices. That’s why it’s crucial that email marketers are optimizing their sends for all different devices: desktops, tablets and smartphones. And this will become much easier thanks to the Gmail news. Up until now, email marketers had to optimize their emails for mobile manually. A tiresome approach which was very time consuming to say the least. But this has become a thing of the past, since Gmail and Inbox by Gmail are adapting emails dynamically now, so that the content automatically fits any screen. This is all made possible by CSS media queries, coding filters that are used in both website and email creation to make sure a website or an email looks the way they were intended to on any device.

Let’s share some interesting details about this news for email marketers…

Gmail has one billion users worldwide and 75% of those users access their accounts on a mobile device. That’s why this news brings an immense opportunity for email marketers to target a potential audience with responsive email campaigns.

Positive influence
Needless to say, Gmail is no small player in world of email providers. Now that they are supporting responsive design, we can only hope others will follow their good example.

User experience
Readers are more likely to delete an email if it doesn’t display properly on mobile. With the news of this change for Gmail, more recipients will have an improved display of emails, which means less emails will be deleted.

Simplified design
Email marketers and designers will no longer have to verify that emails are optimized for mobile by using CSS inlining or manually adjusting sizes and proportions. CSS media queries are far less complicated which means designing will become a bit less time consuming. Google is also supporting other media query features like orientation, letting you optimize the landscape and portrait views of your email, and min-resolution, which comes in handy when applying retina assets.


Now that producing mobile optimized emails has become easier, more time will become available to focus on the many other aspects of email marketing.  This will most likely lead to better and more creative campaigns in the future.

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Oct 6, 2016