Have Belgian companies adopted marketing automation?

Last year we reported that over half of the American marketing managers had already implemented marketing automation in their company or organisation. We also noticed the trend catching on in Belgium as well.

To get an insight in the current status, RAAK conducted a survey amongst marketers at 3 major marketing events: the BAM Launch, Digital First and our very own Marketing Automation Day, reaching over 200 digital marketeers. The results, although hopeful and promising, reveal there is still work to be done…

As far as the adoption of marketing automation goes, it seems Belgium is up to par with the situation in the US in 2016. 58% of the Belgian marketers have adopted some form of marketing automation. Which means, 42% have not. Moreover, 70% of those who use marketing automation notice only a slight improvement in the quality of the leads their campaigns are generating.


The inevitable question that pops up is: is it all worth your while then? Even when looking at the results of our own survey and recent Gartner data, we are convinced it is. The adoption rate may be quite modest at this time, still we see the awareness growing, as more and more succesfull cases are being deployed. 


The key to success is not going for a major turnaround at once, but to take the automation process in stages. By automating specific areas one at a time, you can easily test and readapt them until the results are satisfactory. This will make sure your marketing automation plan yields the desired results in the long run.

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Posted on
Aug 11, 2017