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How do I convince my boss to invest in marketing automation?

It’s always a challenge to convince your superiors of the merits of switching to a new tech tool or a fresh marketing strategy. Do you find your efforts are not taken seriously or at worst neglected? Here are 6 highly effective take-aways to persuade your boss to invest in marketing automation.

1. Marketing automation is not only for marketing
Even though it’s generalised as a tool to ‘automate your marketing’, using a marketing automation platform usually helps to assimilate all of your sales and customer success teams. As a result, you’ll see the productivity of the whole organisation get better.

In order to align your sales and marketing teams, you can use a marketing automation platform to keep an overview of what’s going on with your leads and customers. One of the biggest draws of inbound marketing, is that you’ll be able to nurture your leads through the marketing funnel and then pass these onto sales for better chance of closing a deal. You will be able to track their position in the marketing funnel, at which point they move into the sales funnel, who is talking to them and what exactly is being said.

2. Faster lead nurturing and more SQL’s
Qualifying leads quickly is crucial. You want to be able to astound your sales colleagues with top quality leads and prove that marketing has done its job.
Well, there’s some good news. Investing in a marketing automation platform allows your business to segment your potential prospects and nurture them through a funnel without even touching anything. And on top of that, your marketing automation platform will pass those leads on to sales automagically 😊.

  • You will see immediate results: better integration between sales and marketing, less communication problems and, not unimportantly, more deals being closed.
  • It’s often the case that companies have prospects reaching out to them through a contact form or phone call. Those prospects are then labeled as a ‘SQL’ and forwarded to the sales team with nothing more than their name and brief contact information. No doubt, the sales team would benefit knowing what stage of the buying process the buyer is in. Or which content they like on your site.

3. Focus on better opportunities
How often does your sales team lose time with leads that really aren’t all that interested (or interesting)? Marketing automation lets you use lead tracking and lead scoring to determine your best leads. As soon as your lead scoring criteria are set up, you can segment your best leads and focus your efforts on those.

Not having a robust marketing automation software can see your sales team missing out on opportunities to gather valuable information about a prospect. A good example would be a lead who is not focused on pricing, but just wants general information about your product or service. The sales team could possibly lose touch with the lead by focusing too much on the pricing information. So, the more information your sales team has about a lead, the easier it is for them to qualify and sell to them effectively. With the proper marketing automation, your sales team will have a better understanding of the mindset and priorities of their leads.

4. It’s easier to measure ROI
Calculating your ROI can be a tough cookie. There are so many channels, so many marketing campaigns, so many metrics to keep in mind. Marketing automation can conglomerate all that data to prove how effective marketing budgets have been spent. 

5. Have the right resources for scaling
With marketing automation you can scale things that usually aren’t scalable: personalisation, conversations and customer satisfaction. All these aspects take a long time and quite a lot of resources, but you can automate the process as you scale, helping your business focus on the more important things.

6. Measure, analyse, optimise
Once you have invested in marketing automation you can acquire, nurture, retain and satisfy customers much more efficiently and in less time. Set KPI’s that are relevant to your company and nail them with the automated implementation.

Do you notice that some areas of your campaign are working better than others? Double down on them. Some areas are not working as well? Cut them out. Marketing automation enables you to do all this while ensuring you are nurturing your leads and boosting your ROI in the long run.


Investing in a phased marketing automation approach will have a positive effect on different divisions and teams in your company or organisation. Everyone will reap the benefits of acquiring, nurturing, retaining and satisfying customers with increased efficiency, in considerably less time. In a relatively short timespan, you’ll discover that this process delivers a better ROI. Now go tell your boss about it.

Ready to set up a personal marketing automation plan for your company or organisation? Download this ready-to-use template to draw out your path.

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Aug 17, 2018