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How in-store locations can drive email opt-ins and start a customer journey

Collecting email opt-in addresses in-store can be a valuable addition to your existing online acquisition process. 
Not only because of the extra contacts, but particularly because it's an opportunity to build relationships with people who are showing interest and engagement by coming into your store. Regardless whether they buy or not. Once you have an opt-in, you can start using your email and other digital channels to strengthen and deepen these offline relationships.

It also helps you build traffic to your online shop and build re-traffic to your physical store. It offers plenty of opportunity to create top of mind and work on sales conversion and cross-selling.

The approach allows you to follow and pilot the customer lifecycle: turning suspects into named prospects. It may be your top chance to convert them to first time buyers and grow them into loyal, valuable customers.

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Key tactics to drive in-store opt-ins:

  • Have your store employees ask customers to opt-in. Instruct them to invite customers to subscribe and get a special offer, extra benefits, additional service information via email, etc. Or as you see more often these days: ask customers to opt-in on a tablet pc in-store. 
  • Offer employees and store managers incentives when they realize validated (double) opt-in targets.
  • Put up flyers in your store asking customers to opt-in to your email program via text message or a mobile form.
  • Attach labels to your products inviting customers for post purchase opt-in.  Convince them to stay connected and receive additional services or benefits,…


Remember that every contact, online as well as in-store is an opportunity to start an engaging dialogue and long-term profitable relationships. Asking for an email address can and should be a first step.

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Mar 14, 2014