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How mobile reading changes newsletter influence

Readers often mention the same reasons for subscribing to newsletters in email newsletter usability studies. We are sure the 7 most important reader benefits listed in this tipmail sound familiar. But how many of them are you actually using?

1. It needs to be informative

Readers want to be informed. They want to learn about new things and want to be reminded about relevant things they tend to forget…

2. It has to be effortless

An e-newsletter comes to the reader, with no need for further action once they've signed up.

3. It should be easy to ignore  

If you aren't interested in a particular issue, you simply don't open it and it'll soon sink to the bottom of your inbox. Or, if you want to read the newsletter later, you just let it sit in the inbox until you decide you're ready to read it. You're in charge.

4. It's timely

As a lightning-fast communication medium, email can hardly be beaten.

5. It acts as a reminder

Newsletters are the main way of driving subscribers to return to a website. They remind people of things on their to-do list.

6. It increases productivity

Business-related newsletters help readers do their jobs better, faster and more efficiently.

7. It's social

Email is extremely easy to share, and newsletters provide items that make for good small talk in both social and business situations.

With the evolution in mobile email reading, these benefits are reinforced by an additional and essential one: e-newsletters are always available. This makes e-newsletters an even more important medium to stay connected with your audience and customers than it was up until now.

These days, a lot of consumers have time to kill while using their mobile. According to studies by usability expert Jakob Nielsen, readers that would usually skip material less relevant at the moment they receive it at home or in the office, tend to read that very same content while they're on the move


Unleash the full power of e-newsletters by keeping the 7 reasons above in mind while you're writing and designing yours. You'll always keep your readers hungry for the next issue to arrive…

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Jan 24, 2014