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How to do an in-depth information & quality check on your email marketing database

Today’s consumers have so many resources and options, that they have higher personalization expectations than ever before - especially when it comes to marketing emails. That’s why it’s becoming more important for marketers to make sure their lists are clean and up to date.

First of all, it’s never a great idea to email to a stale or purchased email database. You are wasting time and effort on contacts that possibly don’t want to hear from your brand or company. Bad lists won’t just stall your marketing efforts, in the long run they’ll actually undermine your business. Internet service providers, spam monitors and email security services all set thresholds for what an acceptable email campaign should contain. Be sure to keep your number of spam complaints, undelivered messages and unsubscribes under these thresholds to avoid any unwanted attention. Blasting out your emails to an unqualified list could result in account suspensions from your email platform, not to mention rapidly deteriorating marketing results.

If you don’t clean up your email database(s) regularly, make sure everyone you email has a valid email address and actually wants to receive your marketing emails, here’s what you can expect:

1. People will ignore, delete, or mark your emails as spam.
2. Your deliverability and sender score reputation will decline.
3. Your open and click-through rates will drop.
4. Your unsubscribe rate will rise sky-high.

There are a number of options for keeping your lists nice and tidy. The first thing you need to do is, be strategic about the leads you acquire. Lead scoring and grading solutions can automatically check each lead, assess their fit for your company or brand and assign them to a list accordingly.

The second option is to allow your recipients to opt-in to receive emails. By gaining their permission first, you can ensure that your database contains only recipients that chose to receive your content. Also make sure your contacts always have the possibility to opt-out as well. Leave this option to your subscribers in every message you send. It’s not rocket science: simply provide an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.

There are also a number of online tools that will handle the cleanup and validation of your lists for you. These services can be a great way to give your lists a quick tune-up before your next campaign.


Before you launch your next email marketing campaign, take a second to make sure your email list is spic & span and high in quality. Not only will this help improve your reputation as an email marketer, it will deliver more response and increase engagement.

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Sep 15, 2016