How to grow your email list through social media: 5 platforms

As we’ve pointed out in previous blog posts, content is crucial. It can drive traffic to your website, boost brand awareness and can be used to gather personal information about your – soon to be – contacts. We've often talked about the creation of content and copywriting, but the distribution of your content is equally as important. Since nearly 3.6 billion people worldwide are active on social media, that’s the place to be. Social media can get your content out there, but they can also help you collect personal data. Last week, we gave you some tips and tricks to grow your email list through social media. Now, let’s dive into the details of the most used social channels to grow your database.

The biggest and most popular: Facebook

On Facebook, the ad formats are endless. You can go for a single image ad that leads your contact to a landing page, you can use a slideshow (video), a carousel, a collection, a single image video, … Or why not integrate your signup form in your Facebook tabs, the so-called lead ads?

Facebook-Carousel-AdsYou can also update the Facebook call to action under the cover photo and create organic posts to your blog posts once in a while (where you’ll highlight the content offer, of course). Extra points if you use Facebook Stories. These interactive videos have proven to boost engagement and drive traffic to your opt-in landing page.

Interested? Find out more about Facebook advertising here.

Aesthetic wonderland: Pinterest

If you’re more into Pinterest, you can add a link to your opt-in landing page in your profile description, as well as on your board and pin descriptions. Don’t forget to add relevant keywords, as this will help your audience understand who you are and what you do. Those keywords also make sure your content ranks higher and shows up in search results more often. Additionally, you should create some attractive pins with a text overlay that put your opt-in offer in the spotlight. Link the pin to your landing page, add them to relevant boards and watch your email list grow.


Film it, share it: YouTube

YouTube also offers a variety of call to actions and descriptions you can use to highlight your opt-in offer. The fact that you’re creating audiovisual material also gives you the opportunity to explain and promote your offer by asking your viewers directly to sign up through the link in the video description. To create even more visibility for your opt-in offer, you can add interactive cards or a dedicated end screen to your video with a call to action to your opt-in landing page. Finally, just like Facebook, YouTube also features a profile banner and profile description, which you can adjust to put your opt-in offer in the spotlight.


Picture perfect: Instagram

On Instagram, brands and businesses are usually more focused on gaining followers, rather than getting more email subscriptions. While having a lot of engaged followers is definitely valuable, those followers become much more valuable when you nurture them with smart and personalized email campaigns. So let’s get these followers on your list.

Maybe you want to host a contest or giveaway? You can organize this yourself or you can call in the help of influencers. This is a great way to grow your email list quickly and effectively (see How to grow your email list through social media: 5 tricks). Alternatively, sliding into the DMs of your followers to bring attention to your offer is another smart technique.

Also, posting regularly and consistently will make sure that your followers become familiar with your story and your content. If you have a special offer to share, they’ll be more prone to sign up than when they don’t see you appear in their feed very often.

Lastly, Instagram Stories offer a fun way to engage with your followers and make them aware of your amazing offer. Ask them to swipe up to link them to your landing page, where they can sign up.


60 second delight: TikTok

With over 800 million active users, TikTok is a major player in the social media landscape. Although a year ago many people proclaimed that the platform was niche and not worth investing in, it is now a valuable marketing platform for the very specific ‘Generation Z’ target group. And due to the growth of video consumption during the corona crisis — which platforms like TikTok have benefited from — more audiences will find their way to the platform. And so, TikTok introduces new ways of advertisement.

tiktok-ads-brand-takeover-exampleIf you want to dive into the advertising possibilities of TikTok, check out this blog post.

Despite the fact that TikTok focuses more on brand awareness, there are also possibilities to grow your email list through the platform. People can click on your ads and videos to go to a landing page that can convince them to subscribe to your newsletter. Or, just like Instagram, you can add a link in your profile ('link in bio').


Having a lot of content available is good. Knowing how and where to distribute it is even better. Depending on your target audience, different social media platforms can be interesting for your business. With the tips above, you can test and find out where your followers are. And once you’ve reached your target audience, it’s key to turn those unknown followers into contacts you can start nurturing.

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Posted on
Nov 30, 2020