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How to improve your automated emails

Start improving your automated email campaigns for better results.

Phew ... You have put a lot of sweat and tears into setting up your new automated campaigns. The emails have been written, designs have been created, segments and triggers have been determined, workflow has been drawn up ... You have finally been able to press that start button. Time to sit back and watch the results come in. You'd think right? Nothing is less true!

 Want to keep scoring with your campaigns? Start optimizing now!

Renew the emails regularly

There is nothing more annoying than receiving the same automated birthday email every year. It can also be pretty boring reading the same confirmation email over and over again. That’s why, it’s important to keep your contacts intrigued. To do this, we recommend adjusting your campaigns every year and adding updated content. Even if it’s just a fun new image.

Add top-topical content

Following the previous point: add top-topical content to your campaigns. For example: a product that is just being promoted, a reference to a winter tip or wishes for the coming end-of-year period. Give your reader the feeling that you are involved in everything that is going on.

Get started with a test plan

You feel that you have set up the best possible campaign. But is that really the case? Are your readers also fully engaged in what you have to say? Will they proceed with the action that you hoped to achieve? Continue to optimize your campaign by testing new things.

For example:

  • a new subject;
  • a modified CTA or image;
  • different timing;
  • or maybe even a custom target group.

Collect the results of your modified version and compare them with your original version. Naturally, try to preserve the elements that do better. Make sure that you always make one adjustment at a time: this way you can be sure that your adjustment has ensured the new result. This technique is called A/B testing.


"Set it and forget it" is a mistake that many marketers make when setting up automated campaigns. Before you know it you are so busy with other things that you forget these flows. After all, they send themselves and automatically provide traffic and/or conversions. Yet it is very important that you continue to check these campaigns and regularly evaluate and optimize them. After all, your automated emails are a great marketing opportunity.

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Posted on
Sep 26, 2019