How to improve your email ROI in 2015

To sign off 2014 in style and to let you start 2015 with a blast, we have defined the top 5 priorities to help you improve your email ROI over the next 12 months. So forget about all those traditional New Year's resolutions and focus on these 5 goals for happy e-marketeers instead …

1. Make greater use of analytics in order to optimize communication
If set up correctly, all customer interactions are tracked and stored. With some intelligent analytics, you can gather insights on conversion, engagement, time in site, average time before purchasing, cost and return per lead,… Use these insights to decide on how to invest and what message to communicate to what part of the contact database.

2. Improve segmentation and targeting
Based on customer insights, transactional information and engagement scorings, it's time to target your messages and plan direct communication around segments. ‘One-size-fits-all' no longer yields good returns, as consumers are no longer responsive to the overload of irrelevant information.

3. Centralize customer data and make it actionable
There is more than just email data to work with: store visits, transactional information, website engagement, presence and behavior on social media, event participations,… are all valuable (and even crucial) sources of customer data. But often they are stored in separate databases in the organization. Detect that valuable marketing data, centralize or connect them and get your firm marketer's grip on it.

4. Use real-time data
The message you planned to send out to a specific segment four weeks ago, can have lost its relevance by the time you're actually sending it. A prospect visited the store yesterday, a customer filed a complaint, the weather isn't according to the forecast,… Keep in mind that using data and information in (almost) real-time increases the relevance for your audience.

5. Increase relevance by using dynamic content
The higher the relevance = the better the return. Based on the previous points, you have to go for advanced personalization: specific content blocks, adapted images, different calls-to-action,.. in one single email campaign. Based on a contact's profile, history and value, you are going to achieve higher attention, a better customer brand experience and an increased conversion.



So forget about all those traditional New Year's resolutions and focus on these 5 goals for happy e-marketeers instead …

Posted on
Dec 26, 2014