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How to nurture your most loyal and active contacts

It’s no secret: every marketer wants to increase the loyalty and activeness of their contacts. New contacts always have the tendency to be very active. It’s crucial that you keep their attention sharp. But be aware that it’s equally important to keep nurturing your long-lasting (and maybe a bit less active) contacts. After all, they showed interest in your company and brand since the beginning. So why not nurture your relationship with them and watch new business sprout?

1. Early and exclusive offers
Exclusivity combined with an interesting offer is always a good trigger for a contact to take action. By offering the same limited deal to loyal contacts before you offer it to regular contacts, you create FOMO (fear of missing out). People will most likely react or take action faster, because they know the second group of contacts will get be able to grab their chance a few hours/days later.

2. VIC’s
Segment the top 5% contacts of your email marketing database, based on loyalty and activity: the Very Important Contacts. Give them a special status. You could, for example, make them ‘gold’ or ‘diamond member’ or offer them extended free shipping on all of their orders. Want to take the personal approach yet another step further? Grant the happy few an exclusive view behind the scenes by inviting them to your company or a customer event. This gives them a genuine VIP-feel and makes an excellent opportunity for you to meet and learn from your most loyal customers face to face.

3. Say ‘thank you’
Both in person and in email marketing: we don’t say ‘thank you’ often enough. Still, it’s a simple gesture that lets long time contacts know that you still appreciate them. It becomes even more special when you customize your thank you mail and put in a personal note from a real-life person associated with company or brand. So, while we’re at it: Tim and the rest of the RAAK team would like to thank you, our tipmail reader, for taking the time to check out our email tips every week!


Not only new, but also your most loyal and active contacts deserve some special attention. Try to find out what drives loyalty for your audience and use your email campaigns to nurture your long time contacts.

Posted on
Oct 13, 2016