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How to use Vine or Instagram video in email marketing

If you know your way around the web, you‘ve probably bumped into Vine. This Twitter tool allows you to create looping videos of 6 seconds max. And lately the battle for the short video users has begun when Instagramlaunched its video service, allowing users to create short videos of 15 seconds. And Instagram even takes it a step further: it allows users to overlay their videos with a special filter. Now that the smoke has cleared and the dust has settled, it's time to find out how you can put this technique to good use in email marketing.

But, first things first. Don't pin yourself on these 2 networks. There's a variety of tools to choose from, like Keek, Viddi, Klip or Mobli,… which all do more or less the same. But if you're looking for a broad user base, Vine and Instagram will be your best match. 

The way to use these tools is similar to video, but with some quirks. When we take their pros and cons into account, here's how to create a captivating Vine or Instagram (get some inspiration here: http://mashable.com/2013/06/04/15-twos-company-vines/), and select a teasing first frame to place in your email. Then put your video on a landing page, where you talk about the value of your product for the consumer. Use the video to support your message, not the other way around. Here you have the benefits of the video, neatly embedded into your landing page, with the video as driver to this page. 

But is this really worth the switch? Find out for yourself with the email pros and cons of these new tools.


Higher interaction
Short videos can get you better interaction, just because they are so short. A reader will be more willing to look at your video, knowing it will only take 15 seconds of his time.

Low production investment
Both Vine and Instagram video have a super intuitive interface, so you can set up a video with no hassle at all.

High mobile accessibility
These short videos load quickly on mobile devices, so the mobile experience continues without being interrupted with a long loading time.

A new user base
The videos can also be tagged with hashtags for others to find. And with the massive amount of Vine and Instagram users, it's an interesting source to tap into.    


Not embeddable in email
Unfortunately Vine has an mp4 video format, which means your videos cannot be uploaded in emails to played directly.

No CTA's
Maybe the most important con. Although Youtube allows its users to add CTA's to video, this is not possible with Vine or Instagram (that's why we advise using Vine or Instagram video's in support of your CTA)

Short life span of content
Unless it has a high value or fun factor, the videos are quickly pushed down the timeline. 

Not applicable for all brands
Short video can be really useful for innovative, fun brands who want to differentiate. Established corporate B2B companies will have a harder time to find the relevance of this channel.


If you want make your videos playable in your email, why not try an animated GIF? Gifboom is a tool which doesn't use video, but converts your content to animated GIF. Well worth keeping an eye out for!


Short videos can help boost your email marketing in support of your CTA. Use it well and see the conversion rate of your emails go up...
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Jul 29, 2013