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How to visualize your message in email

Let us take you on a trip down memory lane. Remember reading comic books, graphic novels or the ever so funny Garfield pocket books? Did you ever actually read whatever the characters were saying to one another? As a child, the best way to understand the story, was to visualize the story you were ‘reading’. Why read the book when you can watch the movie, right?

Now let’s time travel back to this present day. Email is no different in a lot of ways. We get flooded with information with every email we open. You simply don’t have the time to process it all word for word. And we still tend to be appealed by graphically enhanced messages. If you offer your information in a visually stimulating manner, the attention span of your audience will last considerably longer. To be honest: have you ever booked a beach holiday without having seen the idyllic, sun-splashed beach?

This example shows you one of the many possibilities of translating a plain text to a graphically enhanced message. Gradually visualizing your key message in this way, helps you to route or channel people’s attention towards a certain point, ultimately: your CTA. Which, depending on the offer of course, could lead to a higher click rate.

Another great advantage of these types of graphical elements, is the possibility of visualizing data. Data is what generally drives an email and the strategy behind it. You have seen loads of emails talking about facts & figures and whatnot, but it is rarely displayed in a creative or graphical way. Infographs for instance are a good alternative to solve that problem, because it makes ‘dry’ data tangible and easily digestible.

Think about it: would a social platform like LinkedIn remain that popular without the possibility of displaying an infograph alongside an article talking about growth or KPI’s? We think it wouldn’t. Because the majority of people on those networks rarely have the time go through all that detailed information. Again, making it tangible and easy to process, adds more value to your article and makes it more sharable.



Reading is a time consuming process. Implementing a more graphical approach, allows your audience to grasp that information in a bite-size package. It reinforces your message with the use of fewer words. We are in no way promoting image-heavy emails here, we are just encouraging you to think in a more graphically appealing way.

Posted on
May 22, 2015