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How your email expertise can help other company departments

Marketers tend to focus on high open and clickthrough rates, finding ways to grow their list, improve conversion,… and for most of the time, that will be one of their main goals. In essence, when you're talking about email marketing, most heads will turn towards the marketing department. But is email marketing sole property of those marketers? The answer is ‘no'.

Email marketing can be helpful in just about any business department. Because email can be personalized for and triggered by any action. It's a powerful tool for departments to effectively communicate with their contacts. Needless to say that the significant cut in time and costs and an improved brand perception are the main advantages.

But how can email help other departments? Below you'll find email tips for 7 non-marketing departments to get you inspired!


• Set up an internal newsletter with company news.
• Send an automated message to people who are applying for a job opening.

Finance & accounting

• Start an effective communication program to stakeholders.
• Use a triggered email service to inform customers about open invoices.

Customer support

• Create a set of “get started” newsletters to make new customers acquainted with your products or services.
• Send an automated triggered email after a support question with a poll to rate the service.


• Set up a newsletter program with product updates and new products to promote up and cross selling.
• Use a reporting system that offers insights on clients who are actively interacting with your company.


• Send out a shipment notification that a certain product is being shipped off
• Offer a ‘behind the scenes' newsletter that gives customers an insight on how the shipping process works.


• Introduce an internal notification system with stock numbers.
• Create an automated ordering system based on production capacity.


• Make a shift from paper communication to e-communication.
• Send out a business update email for customers to check and update their details.


Don't just keep your email marketers limited to the marketing department. Send them out to other departments and see where their talent can help in automating and optimizing business processes.

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Apr 30, 2013