I have my content. Now what?

2014 was the year when content became king and email marketers became actual publishers. But now that you've created all this content, how would you translate it into your email marketing strategy for 2015? Some new challenges lie ahead. We have pointed out a few for you…

Always offer value instead of quantity
The main challenge will be to remain relevant to your audience in this age of infobesity, whatever channel you are using. But be sure to always keep your strategy in mind and don't just buckle down on creating relevant content. Why not recycle and shed some new light on your past content? An email can reinforce your most popular social media content or past blog post. Add share linksto it and you are able to introduce new subscribers to content that they probably haven't seen before.

Start tracking, before it's too late
Selling the product or service is still the main goal, but if you only focus on that, you are going to get ignored and overlooked by your clients and prospects. Investing in extra time and resources to track whatever draws your readers' attention, is key to providing more relevant and/or personalized content for your emails. With these insights you will be able to set up a more customer focused experience. Take a look at your social media and site metrics for instance. Pay attention to what content of yours is popular on social media, blog or website. Favored posts might just give you a chance to make an already popular item even more popular.

Try to be more human and less of a machine
Answering customer questions and providing more value online is one thing. It is important to make your customers know that you listen to them. Nothing worse than impersonal auto-responders. Reach out to them and ask them which information they are looking for or check how you could provide a solution to their needs. Get rid of that NoReply address and start talking to them. Let them get to know you. Just remember that you are always on display. Make sure that image remains a positive one.


The merge of advertising and public relations will gain importance in 2015. Offering good content is one thing, but don't sacrifice your email strategy for it. There are still many things to consider. Things that might have been less of a priority in the past. Embrace them and don't be afraid of the ‘change'.

Posted on
Jan 16, 2015