Improve your emails by combining 3 types of content

Ask a hundred marketers what their main challenge is over the next 12 months, and probably half of them will say: “producing good content”. But creating a good piece of content requires creativity, inspiration, skills and passion. And for most brands it‘s nearly impossible to create unique content formats every day. This is where keeping a good balance between the 3 main types of content can help you…

How can we be interesting to readers every day, if we don't have the resources to build unique content on a daily basis? A new way of thinking is to look at your current copywriting team, agency or studio as a fully-fledged newsroom. And newsrooms are equipped to respond rapidly, produce instantly and spread fast.

If you think about it: if we place the content that an agency produces on a yearly basis, next to the content a newsroom produces, you will notice a big difference. It's even probably fair to say that the average agency doesn't fill a single newspaper with all the content they have produced the past year.

Building a newsroom for your brand is probably the best idea. But it's also likely to be unrealistic for many brands or companies. So how can you produce content on a daily basis without needing a dedicated team of editors? The answer lies in balancing the different content types. Roughly put, there are 3:

Curated content
The internet is a sheer unlimited source of good articles. But it is also hard to stand out in this ocean of content. As a brand you can hunt for the best possible articles out there, and curate them to your target audience. So you will have to determine which sources are good, follow them accurately and curate just that content that stands out.

Hijacked content
To hijack content is all about looking at which stories are trending fast, and hijacking the story with the content you want to spread. I.e. you will read lots of news features about the cancellation of the Dutch ‘woonbonus' in 2015, a fiscal advantage reserved for house owners. Now we see project developers and real estate brokers hijacking this news to push extra sales on their projects.

Unique content
This is the type of content that you build yourself. Wondering how to make your content piece stand out? 

When you've defined your content types, you can attribute weights according to your resources. A realistic mix for most brands or companies would be 50% curated, 30% hijacked and 20% unique content.


When it comes to email content, there's no need to try and create all of it in-house. There's such a wealth in great articles and stories on the web to draw inspiration from. If you combine them wisely with the occasional ‘home-made' content, you'll have the killer content your readers are looking for.

Posted on
Sep 19, 2014