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Influencer marketing in a nutshell

Influencer marketing is an upcoming marketing branch in which influential people are used to promote a brand, products or services. It’s a combination of old marketing tactics and more recent marketing approaches. The outdated celebrity endorsement is transformed into a trendy storytelling idea. And that works.

How does influencer marketing work?

By using influencers, you can add extra value to your message. Influencers create authenticity and thus increase the credibility of your brand or product. And credibility in turn provides more engagement from your target audience. But this reliability not only charms your loyal target group, it can also help you to address target groups that are more difficult to reach.

What type of influencers are there?

In the best known form of influencer marketing, celebrities play the leading role. If Beyoncé is spotted in a jacket of Chanel, Chanel-sales would go through the roof. Beyoncé would influence her fan base in such a way that they would blindly follow this trend. The fame of the macro-influencers is the only reason why they exert influence on their target audience.

Not only the Beyoncé’s and Jay Z’s of this world are considered influencers, less famous people can also play an important role in influencer marketing. Experts and opinion makers in a specific branch can influence other people through their expertise. By being relevant in a defined sector, these personalities transfer a great amount of authenticity, which inspires their “followers”. Their thought-leadership is essential to inspire their audience.

In both cases, the audience of the influencers is loyal and engaged. They believe their examples because, over time, they established a relationship based on trust. Credibility and authenticity are key. And as a company, you can benefit of this connection, increasing your own reliability

The importance of good storytelling

Influencer marketing is not a guessing game, the story must be right. In communication, storytelling becomes more and more important. And a story only survives if the audience believes it. If the people telling the story aren’t trustworthy, your story will fail.

Influencer marketing is a meticulous plan, resting on these pillars:

  1. The target group
  2. The goal
  3. The story

Target group
First of all, you need to map out which target groups you want to reach. Once that is clear, you can start looking for influencers who can reach these audiences. Based on thorough influencer mapping, you can draw up a plan that connects the influencers and their target group.

What do you want to achieve by implementing influencer marketing in your marketing efforts? Do you want to increase your brand recognition? Establish a different image of your company? Launch a new product? Or address a new target group? Of course, these goals fit into your global marketing plan. So it’s important to set the right KPI’s.

Once you know who you want to address and why you want to address them, you can start creating the right story. This story doesn’t stand alone, it fits in seamlessly in the larger marketing picture.


In a world where social media rules, influencers are king. And you can benefit from it. Based on the tips mentioned above, you can implement influencer marketing in your marketing efforts. It’s a slow-and-steady approach to enlarge your brand’s authenticity. The more credible your brand, the more loyal your audience will be. So what are you waiting for?

Posted on
Nov 15, 2019