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Is email marketing ready to tame the Cannes Lions?

Creativity, it's a word that's being tossed around far too easy these days. We see brands claiming to make creative email campaigns. But in reality, they're just adding a twist to their mainstream communication. There's nothing wrong with that at all. But do remember that the inbox is becoming an overcrowded space. If you're just ‘good', you're not good enough. Excellence and relevance are the key drivers that determine the success of your campaign. So being just good, is not going to cut it anymore.

Creativity can be a solution to this, but it's more than just adding a twist. It's all about doing something different, unique, well executed and relevant. And we admit it requires some clever thinking, hard work, and guts to get out of your comfort zone (read: best practice zone) and go for something totally wild. And yes, there will be times where all your hard work won't pay off. But then it's key to find out which step didn't go well, learn from it and improve it in your next campaign.

But when you do pull it off, the impact of your campaign will be worth the hard work. Do you want to get inspired by some creative ideas? Read our previous blogpost about email sex appeal /nl/blog/2012/5/24/dya-think-email-marketing-is-sexy/

Want to take it up a notch? Every year, the most creative campaigns in the world are celebrated at the Cannes Lions. Here you'll see the top agencies in the world showing off their most creative work. And in the category direct marketing, the direct lions, you'll also find some email marketing cases. For a complete list, head over to http://www.canneslions.com/downloads/direct_shortlist.pdf
For your convenience, we handpicked two campaigns that really caught our eye…

Halo 4 | Key art reveal by Wundermann Seattle

For the launch of the new HALO 4 game, Wundermann Seattle thought: “What if, we'd cut a key visual of the game into 32 pieces, and send a piece to 32 different segments. Nothing more. And then we let the HALO 4 community do the rest. Would that work?” Find out here:

Bonniers Konsthall | The track list guest list by DBB Stockholm

For an upcoming expo about experimental music, DBB Stockholm was facing a challenge: “How can we send an invitation for the expo via email that is already in a music surrounding? Would it work if we send invitees a link via email to a personalized Spotify list, where they can listen to their invitation and a selection of music from the exhibition?” Find out here:


Creativity is imperative in every type of communication. Even and especially in email marketing where we have to take a big set of do's and don'ts into account. But don't let that keep you from striving to stand out from the crowd with something fresh. A heartfelt ‘congratulations' to our creative colleagues in Seattle and Stockholm for the clever campaigns!
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Jun 20, 2013