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Is there life beyond the fold line?

The email marketing world is divided: should we or shouldn’t we take the fold line of an email into account while creating it? To be honest: it’s not a black and white situation. Let’s list up the pros and the cons to help you make up your mind about the importance of that visual fold…

 Sizes and devices
The fold or fold line is a virtual, horizontal line that marks the end of your browser window. On average, we come across this line at about 620 pixels from the top of the page. However it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact position because of various screen sizes and resolutions and the height of different toolbars. The frequent use of tablets and smartphones to open emails —  now up to 56% on mobile — doesn’t make this any easier. This means that the fold line is actually everywhere… and nowhere. Still, it’s interesting to research which devices and browsers your audience uses most, so you can adapt your next campaigns on the majority of your readers.

Tell a story
It’s very important to spend those first pixels above the fold wisely. Use that space to trigger your audience to scroll down and read on. Begin telling a story above the fold that catches their interest. Your readers will want to know more. You can grab their attention by letting them know there’s more interesting stuff to discover by making clever use of images, infographics, copy, etc.

Nowadays, scrolling is part of our inherited online behavior. Consequently, some even claim that the fold has become somewhat irrelevant. Even though scrolling is no longer an obstacle, it is becoming increasingly difficult to capture people’s attention while scrolling. That’s why, as previously cited, it’s important to create buzz above the fold so that your readers would like to continue reading beyond it, instead of just scrolling by.

When you’re in doubt about the placement of your Call To Action, it’s always safest to put it above the fold. Make sure people notice what you want them to do at first glance. Also make sure your CTA appears above the fold on all different devices.


Whether you believe the fold is still relevant or not, it’s important to start telling your story. Be sure to show readers your CTA as high as possible in your emails. Apart from that, it may also be relevant to find out which devices and browsers your readers use most, and adapt your next email campaigns to the majority.

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Oct 21, 2016