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JPG, PNG or GIF - what’s the best format for your email images?

Visuals in emails have always been a point of debate. The text-to-image ratio has been changing over the last couple of years, moving away from long emails with a significant focus on text, to shorter emails with more visuals.

Gmail and Apple mail display images by default, while most email providers display images from trusted senders. But opting for image-heavy emails increases the need to understand image formats. Below you’ll find the 3 most used image formats, and some useful advice on when and how to use them…


  • Do: Photographs & graphics,
  • Don't: Text


  • Do: Small size images & text images (allows transparency)
  • Don't: Large size images (heavy - not universally supported)


  • Small size images, animation & text images (allows transparency)
  • Photographs (reduced sharpness)







Use the rule of thumb below, this will guarantee you the best possible display option for every image you decide to use in your email campaigns.
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Apr 1, 2015