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Kicking the 5 biggest myths out of email marketing

"The problem with internet quotes is that you can't always depend on their accuracy" 
Abraham Lincoln, 1864. 

“The best time for B2B emails is Thursday 4pm”. If all brands were to follow this advice, would you still think it's the best practice? Exactly. It's always hard to tell a best practice from a benchmark. But to help you set your alarm for bad advice, we assembled the top 5 myths in email marketing. Ready for you to kick them out of your campaigns…

Myth 1 – “Shorter subject lines work better”

An Alchemy Worx study showed that subject lines below 60 characters increase opened rates. But when looking at the click-through rates, they noticed that subject lines of over 70 characters actually increased the amount of clicks.

Myth 2 – “There's a list of spam words”

How often have you heard: “we better not use the words ‘free', ‘trial' or ‘offer' in emails or subject lines”. A persistent myth is that these words affect your deliverability. Well, deliverability is all about consistency, relevance, reputation management and a decent technical backbone. And not about whether or not you use the word ‘free'.

Myth 3 – “Unsubscribe rates are bad”

“We should do anything to prevent unsubscribes”. Errrm, wrong! There is a natural churn rate every databases faces. The important thing is that you have a healthy flow of fresh contacts that are coming in. So don't use dodgy tactics to prevent people from clicking that unsubscribe link, unless you want them to click on the ‘spam' button.

Myth 4 – “Clean inactive subscribers”

Why on earth would you do that? 20% of annual openers only open emails once or twice a year. It's wiser to look at the yearly conversion rate, rather than just focusing on optimizing campaign results.

Myth 5 – “People are drowning in email”

60% of readers receive 6 or less emails from trusted brands, of which 40% receives 3 or less per day. And if you're an email marketer, beware of job conditioning, because you probably signed up for lots of newsletters…

Bonus myth!

Alchemy Worx discovered that increasing your email volume from once a month to four times a month, doubles the number of consumers opening one or more emails. Plus it directly impacts your monthly revenue...

Alchemy Worx


Don't be tempted to just focus on best practices. Try to debunk email myths and don't be fooled by cases that throw around percentages.

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Feb 20, 2014