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Knowing where your readers are could boost your email marketing

“Email campaign time will become irrelevant in the future”. Mind you, we love reading about industry tendencies and debating on the future of email marketing. But nonetheless, this quote made us raise our eyebrows.

Especially since here at RAAK, we believe that we should go from email timing 1.0 to email timing 3.0. You may remember we discussed that in a previous blogpost . So will email timing become less relevant in the future? Uh-uh, we don't think so…

The above statement is based upon the fact that we live in a multi-device environment. We can access our mailboxes from wherever we please: our smartphones, iPads, our home pc or our laptop at work. And thus, some experts assume that email timing is becoming irrelevant because we choose the device that is most suitable at that particular time. And whenever we're on the go, we will most likely save our emails to handle them later. The truth however, is somewhat different…

It's a common misconception that people save interesting emails to read them again on their pc. A Litmus study showed 97% of all emails are read only once. So don't kid yourself, your email is probably just opened once. That's it.

The better question to ask ourselves, is where emails are being opened. Knowing the context your readers are in when they are reading your email, is heavily underestimated. Because you could get high opened rates on your email campaign, but have a low conversion anyway. An example: if you are commuting to work using public transport, take a look around. Chances are that a lot of people are reading emails or browsing on their smartphones. This explains the high opened rates. But think again: even if the email contains a great deal, would you feel comfortable getting your credit card out in the middle of a busy train?

What about targeting gen Y? Studies showed that 90% of them open their email in the morning.  However, you should consider this: they will scroll through their email while they're snoozing in bed, but would they actually buy something too?

Or just one more: 75% of Americans (and the same percentage most probably applies to Europe as well), reads email while they're in the bathroom. Again: high opened rates, but a less obvious context to make a sales conversion.

So how do you truly connect with readers on the go?And how do you make them connect? Just learn these 4 simple tips by heart.

1. Optimize for mobile?

Make sure your emails are relevant and easy readable. An adapted content strategy and responsive design will help you.

2. Don't be afraid of a follow up campaign?

Setting up an adapted email to people who didn't open or respond could help boost conversion.  As long as you keep it relevant, this can be an effective tactic.

3. Discover your readers' email behavior?

As said in the beginning of this post, you should try to find that exact email timing for every consumer

4. Go for dynamic content?

Don't jam all your content into that small screen. A mobile environment is the perfect occasion to implement that dynamic content plan you always wanted.


Don't be fooled that email timing and context are becoming less relevant. On the contrary: they are determining the success of your email campaigns. The true shift to mobile marketing is taking place as we speak, so don't miss this opportunity to make your brand story relevant in a multi-screen environment.

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Aug 28, 2013