Let’s review your review marketing

Let’s review your review marketing

Let’s say you’d like to treat yourself to a new smartphone. Chances are you’ve done some online research and checked a few reviews. Did you know that a stunning 93% of customers state that online reviews drove their purchasing decisions? We’ll show you why these ratings could play a vital part in your post-purchase marketing plan. They are the modern equivalent of old school ‘word of mouth’.

Consumers don’t typically rate the businesses they interact with all the time. But you can bet on it that they will when something goes wrong. That’s why you should focus on getting that rare and valuable positive feedback on your products. Let’s find out how you can get those five-star reviews!

Why reviews are so important

Potential buyers are always looking for confirmation. They want to be sure that they’re making the right choice. Reading a review from a customer who bought the same product can give a glimpse of what a new buyer can expect. After all, picking up a positive experience from other users can convince a future buyer that he/she is making the right decision.

Reviews are user-generated content that makes your brand trustworthy. It provides potential clients with the transparency they are looking for. Because you ask them what they think of your brand, you show them that you value their feedback. It’s a great way to start a conversation and make them part of a community. Interacting with or responding to these reviews shows people that you actually listen to what they have to say. You value their input and try to improve your service/product, following up on the feedback they leave.

Having lots of reviews can improve your brand perception and help to set you apart from your competitors. After all, people are more inclined to buy a product with 100 reviews, than one that only has 10. With competition getting tougher by the day and online spending on the rise, the time to focus on getting some great reviews is now!

Leave your reviews here!

Review recruitment is a key part of your post-purchase campaign - the journey your customers make after they’ve bought something. Make sure your Thank you for your order email isn’t the end, but rather a new beginning.

Asking your customers to write a review after they received their ordered goods or service is an excellent way to enrich your post-purchase flow with additional information and positive ratings. These tips can help you write a great review email:

  1. Keep it short and simple. Make the email straightforward with a strong focus on what you want the customer to do: give a 1-5 star rating, leave a personal review, share a photo,…
  2. Mention why you need their reviews
  3. Thank them for choosing your brand
  4. Personalise wherever possible: include an image of the product you want them to review.

The example below checks all of the above boxes:

adidasreview1 (1)Timing is the key factor that can make or break your review email. Send it too early and your buyer may not have had the chance to use and test the product thoroughly. Arrive too late and your customer may have forgotten about buying the product from you. We would recommend waiting around 2 weeks after the purchase. This will give the consumer enough time to get acquainted with the product and write a substantiated review.

It might also help to offer your buyers a small incentive in return for a review, like a discount code or free shipping. The benefit is twofold: 

  • The reward works as a motivator to rate the product
  • It drives additional purchases from your customers

But do keep in mind that offering rewards not only holds benefits, it can also have drawbacks. Customers can become accustomed to discounts from your brand, which can keep them from shopping with you when products and services are full price.

Alternatives for traditional product review emails

A standalone review email is not the only opportunity to ask for ratings. Tagged social media post are also a form of review. Just like a traditional rating, they show that buyers love your product and like to share that with their audience.

See how this example motivates the recipient to share the purchase on Instagram? Organic online appearances of your products show other potential buyers what they can expect from your brand.


Okay, but what about negative reviews?

We all strive for maximum praise from our customers, but that doesn’t mean you should filter out negative comments. Keep in mind that this kind of reviews add authenticity to your brand or product. A page filled with only 10/10 ratings lacks in credibility. As every user’s perception and priorities are different, getting some less-than-positive reviews makes perfect sense. Consumers also read those to help steer them towards the products that best fit their needs. What’s considered as a negative aspect of a product for one customer may be completely irrelevant for another.

Try to use negative reviews as an opportunity to strike up a conversation with the reviewer. Maybe you have a simple solution to counter the mentioned complaints. Looking for a way to solve those problems shows that you care about customer satisfaction. Notice a lot of complaints about the same issue? Don’t just ignore them. This indicates that it’s worth investing some time and effort in improving your product or service.


Review marketing can make a great addition to your marketing automation plans. When done right, they add value for you as a seller and your customers. Adding a product review function in your post-purchase campaign is ideal to gather valuable feedback on your product or service, whether it’s positive or negative. Prospects read those ratings to help them make the right decision. And by all means, use these reviews in your regular marketing campaigns to show that you really value feedback. People love to be heard, and this is a great way to show off your customer’s reviews while reaching for a larger audience.

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Apr 19, 2021